Man pages for Rcmdr2
R Commander

assignClusterAppend a Cluster Membership Variable to a Dataframe
bin.varBin a Numeric Varisible
CFARcmdr Confirmatory Factor Analysis Dialog
colPercentsRow, Column, and Total Percentage Tables
CommanderR Commander
Commander-esR Commander
ComputeRcmdr Compute Dialog
ConfintConfidence Intervals for Model Coefficients
generalizedLinearModelRcmdr Generalized Linear Model Dialog
hierarchicalClusterRcmdr Hierarchical Clustering Dialog
HistPlot a Histogram
indexplotIndex Plots
KMeansK-Means Clustering Using Multiple Random Seeds
linearModelRcmdr Linear Model Dialog
lineplotPlot a one or more lines.
mergeRowsFunction to Merge Rows of Two Data Frames.
numSummarySummary Statistics for Numeric Variables
partial.corPartial Correlations
plotDistrPlot a probability density, mass, or distribution function.
plotMeansPlot Means for One or Two-Way Layout
PluginsR Commander Plug-in Packages
Rcmdr2-packageR Commander
Rcmdr-internal'tcltk' Functions Re-exported by the 'Rcmdr' Package.
RcmdrPagerPager for Text Files
Rcmdr.UtilitiesRcmdr Utility Functions
rcorr.adjustCompute Pearson or Spearman Correlations with p-Values
RecodeDialogRcmdr Recode Dialog
reliabilityReliability of a Composite Scale
saveOptionsSave R Commander Options in an R Profile File
Scatter3DDialogRcmdr 3D Scatterplot Dialog
stepwiseStepwise Model Selection
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