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RcmdrPlugin.BiclustGUI is a plug-in package for R Commander (Rcmdr). The package is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) in which several biclustering methods can be executed, followed by diagnostics and plots of the results. Further, the GUI also has the possibility to connect the methods to more general diagnostic packages for biclustering. Biclustering methods from biclust, fabia, iBBiG, isa2, BiBitR, rqubic and BicARE are implemented. Additionally, superbiclust and BcDiag are also implemented to be able to further investigate results. The GUI also provides a couple of extra utilities to export, save, search through and plot the results.

RcmdrPlugin.BiclustGUI also provides a very specific framework for biclustering in which new methods, diagnostics and plots can be added. Scripts were prepared so that R-package developers can freely design their own dialogs in the GUI which can then be added by the maintainer of RcmdrPlugin.BiclustGUI. These scripts do not required any knowledge of tcltk and Rcmdr and are easy to fill in.


More detailed information about all the implementations and scripting of RcmdrPlugin.BiclustGUI can be found in the vignette. (See the doc folder of package)


Ewoud De Troyer [email protected]


Kasim, A., Shkedy, Z., Kaiser, S., Hochreiter, S. and Talloen W. (2016), “Applied Biclustering Methods for Big and High Dimensional Data Using R”, CRC

See Also

The Bicluster algorithms in the packages: biclust, fabia, iBBiG, isa2-package, rqubic and BicARE.

Additional Plotting & Diagnostics packages: superbiclust and BcDiag-package

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