RgoogleMaps: Overlays on Static Maps

Serves two purposes: (i) Provide a comfortable R interface to query the Google server for static maps, and (ii) Use the map as a background image to overlay plots within R. This requires proper coordinate scaling.

AuthorMarkus Loecher
Date of publication2017-02-09 15:29:12
MaintainerMarkus Loecher <markus.loecher@gmail.com>

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Man pages

AddAlpha: add alpha level to color that lacks one

bubbleMap: Create a bubble plot of spatial data on Google Maps

ColorMap: Plot Levels of a Variable in a Colour-Coded Map

columbus: Columbus OH spatial analysis data set

degreeAxis: axis with degrees

DF2SpatialPointsDataFrame: change data.frame to SpatialPointsDataFrame

GetBingMap: download a static map from the Microsoft map tile server

getGeoCode: geocoding utility

GetMap: download a static map from the Google server

GetMap.bbox: GetMap bbox

GetMapTiles: download map tiles from specified map tile servers such as...

GetOsmMap: Query the Open Street Map server for map tiles instead of...

IdentifyPoints: identify points by clicking on map

incidents: San Francisco crime data

LatLon2XY: computes the coordinate transformation from lat/lon to map...

LatLon2XY.centered: computes the centered coordinate transformation from lat/lon...

MapBackground: get static Map from the Google server

MaxZoom: computes the maximum zoom level which will contain the given...

mypolygon: simple wrapper function to plot colored polygons

NYleukemia: Upstate New York Leukemia Data

pennLC: Pennsylvania Lung Cancer

PlotArrowsOnStaticMap: plots arrows or segments on map

plotmap: easy to use wrapper function

PlotOnMapTiles: plots on map tiles by "stitching" them together

PlotOnStaticMap: overlays plot on background image of map tile

PlotPolysOnStaticMap: plots polygons on map

qbbox: computes bounding box

ReadMapTile: Read a bitmap image stored in the PNG format

RGB2GRAY: translates an RGB image matrix to gray scale

RgoogleMaps-package: Overlays on Google map tiles in R

SpatialToPBS: converts spatial objects as defined in package sp to simpler...

TextOnStaticMap: plots text on map

Tile2R: simple utility to offset and scale XY coordinates with...

updateusr: Updates the 'usr' coordinates in the current plot.

XY2LatLon: computes the centered coordinate transformation from lat/lon...


AddAlpha Man page
bbs Man page
bubbleMap Man page
col.gal.nb Man page
ColorMap Man page
columbus Man page
coords Man page
degreeAxis Man page
DF2SpatialPointsDataFrame Man page
GetBingMap Man page
getGeoCode Man page
GetMap Man page
GetMap.bbox Man page
GetMapTiles Man page
GetOsmMap Man page
IdentifyPoints Man page
incidents Man page
LatLon2XY Man page
LatLon2XY.centered Man page
MapBackground Man page
MaxZoom Man page
mypolygon Man page
NYleukemia Man page
pennLC Man page
PlotArrowsOnStaticMap Man page
plotmap Man page
PlotOnMapTiles Man page
PlotOnStaticMap Man page
PlotPolysOnStaticMap Man page
polys Man page
qbbox Man page
ReadMapTile Man page
RGB2GRAY Man page
RgoogleMaps Man page
RgoogleMaps-package Man page
SpatialToPBS Man page
TextOnStaticMap Man page
Tile2R Man page
updateusr Man page
XY2LatLon Man page

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