uniqueID: Generate a unique (hopefully) id to identify a user

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The unique information is only used to make sure a user won't rate a package multiple times within a short period of time. No private inforamtion can be obtained from such uqniue id.




To generate such an ID, information from functions Sys.getenv and Sys.infois used. Sepcifically, the output of Sys.getenv is converted to a string and then every other three letters are chosen to form a meaningless string vector such as CPgmt:rr l 8\DPCUrza4pa\an:rr l\cstPPk0 \fl:rr l\mnis\oaFe(6Cm lCPgmisooFeZN-5\nwst3c.e\oaa\AeetPttn-1\e\hg:ssznCPgmtKbok5oCUrza4pa\c\ZN-5\oaFeMro Ca 0RI\\oaFeMro Ca 0RL\8CPgmisiofH c282ia68nwN:tlb;\osc4.b;\oaFe(6A Pix_;\oaFe(6A Pix;\oaFeMro Ca 0RB\:io\sm;\nwCWdsye2b;\nwSt3WdswSlv0CPgmisx)TThli\ICCetiCPgmisx)rhz.\n:rr l 8\KX.mt\nCPgmisx)ed\nCPgmised\nCPgmisx)pA\mn:rr l 8\eFCe\oaCPgmispA\mn:rr l\eFCe\oaCPgmisooeNiCPgmis\3.b\4:rr l\cstePtrItl\:rr l 8\cstSN\PEW g\.;\oaFe(6Wdsi\0io rrn oi;\oaFeMro Lee1\o\n;\oaFe(6Mro slti10Cia6CRo\n:tlg-6/nC;X.TC;B.EJ.EW;S.CDA6Fi d Spn0AhtA22CPgmt:rr lCPgmisx)\oaFe:io\sm\nwore\.Mus:ssuixCPG~R-~0\e\hgRilry.:ssznCse1/psEc06gt06CWds\e\hgADaoleCUrza4pa\c\mzn-5hg:ssznCPgmisrlVtlx:rr l 8\cstiaSd .Cm7os:rrDaceDkpoco:io nw 4i 0 rcPkZA4C86znza4hg on my own PC.

Note that information regarding OS is also used. For example, on my PC, it is Windows;7 x64;build 7601, Service Pack 1;x86-64.

On our webserver, the unique information is converted to an md5 hash value.

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