Man pages for RobAStBase
Robust Asymptotic Statistics

0RobAStBase-packageRobust Asymptotic Statistics
BdStWeight-classRobust Weight classes for bounded, standardized weights
biastype-methodsMethods for Function biastype in Package 'RobAStBase'
BoundedWeight-classRobust Weight classes for bounded weights
checkICGeneric Function for Checking ICs
comparePlotCompare - Plots
ComparePlotWrapperWrapper function for function comparePlot
ContICGenerating function for ContIC-class
ContIC-classInfluence curve of contamination type
ContNeighborhoodGenerating function for ContNeighborhood-class
ContNeighborhood-classContamination Neighborhood
cutoffGenerating function(s) for class 'cutoff'
cutoff-classCutoff class for distance-distance plots
ddPlot-methodsMethods for Function ddPlot in Package 'RobAStBase'
evalICGeneric function for evaluating ICs
FixRobModelGenerating function for FixRobModel-class
FixRobModel-classRobust model with fixed (unconditional) neighborhood
generateICGeneric function for the generation of influence curves
generateICfctGeneric Function for making ICs consistent at a possibly...
getBiasICGeneric function for the computation of the asymptotic bias...
getFiRiskGeneric Function for Computation of Finite-Sample Risks
getRiskFctBV-methodsMethods for Function getRiskFctBV in Package 'RobAStBase'
getRiskICGeneric function for the computation of a risk for an IC
getweightGenerating weights
HampelWeight-classRobust Weight classes for weights of Hampel type
HampIC-classInfluence curve of Hampel type
ICGenerating function for IC-class
IC-classInfluence curve
InfluenceCurveGenerating function for InfluenceCurve-class
InfluenceCurve-classInfluence curve
infoPlotPlot absolute and relative information
InfoPlotWrapperWrapper function for information plot method
InfRobModelGenerating function for InfRobModel-class
InfRobModel-classRobust model with infinitesimal (unconditional) neighborhood
internal_GridHelpersInternal / Helper functions of package RobAStBase for grids...
internal_plotsInternal / Helper functions of package RobAStBase for plot...
internalsInternal / Helper functions of package RobAStBase
internals_ddPlotInternal / Helper functions of package RobAStBase for ddPlot
internals-qqplotInternal functions for qqplot of package RobAStBase
interpolRisk-classInterpolated Risks
kStepEstimatorFunction for the computation of k-step estimates
kStepEstimatorStart-methodsMethods for function kStepEstimator.start in Package...
locMEstimatorGeneric function for the computation of location M estimates
makeIC-methodsGeneric Function for making ICs consistent at a possibly...
masked-methodsMasked Methods from Packages 'stats' and 'graphics' in...
mergelistsMerging Lists
mov2bckRef-methodsMethods for Functions moving from and to reference parameter...
normtype-methodsMethods for Function normtype in Package 'RobAStBase'
oneStepEstimatorFunction for the computation of one-step estimates
optICGeneric function for the computation of optimally robust ICs
OptionalInfluenceCurve-ClassSome helper Classes in package 'RobAStBase'
outlyingPlotICFunction outlyingPlotIC in Package 'RobAStBase'
PlotICWrapperWrapper function for plot method for IC
plot-methodsMethods for Function plot in Package 'RobAStBase'
qqplotMethods for Function qqplot in Package 'RobAStBase'
rescaleFunction-methodsMethods for Function rescaleFunction in Package 'RobAStBase'
returnlevelplotMethods for Function returnlevelplot in Package 'RobAStBase'
RobAStBaseMASKMasking of/by other functions in package "RobAStBase"
RobAStBaseOptionsFunction to change the global variables of the package...
RobAStControl-classControl classes in package RobAStBase
RobModel-classRobust model
RobWeight-classRobust Weight classes
samplesize-methodsMethods for Function samplesize in Package 'RobAStBase'
TotalVarICGenerating function for TotalVarIC-class
TotalVarIC-classInfluence curve of total variation type
TotalVarNeighborhoodGenerating function for TotalVarNeighborhood-class
TotalVarNeighborhood-classTotal variation neighborhood
UncondNeighborhood-classUnconditional neighborhood
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