Rsocialdata0: Handling survey data in R. (beta version, not for use)

This package provides a class, called Dataset, and some methods allowing to handle efficiently survey data: handle variable labels, values labels, and retrieve information about missing values like in a SPSSdata set file. In particularity we can switch a specific missing value type from a NA to a level to use it in the analysis. A function allowing to import data from a SPSS file to a Dataset object is provided.

AuthorEmmanuel Rousseaux <>, Gilbert Ritschard <>
Date of publication2014-05-06 13:12:30
MaintainerEmmanuel Rousseaux <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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alldescriptions Man page
alldescriptions,Dataset-method Man page
alldescriptions-methods Man page,summary.Statdf-method Man page
bivan Man page
bivan,formula,Dataset-method Man page
bivan-methods Man page
checkvars Man page
checkvars,Dataset-method Man page
checkvars-methods Man page
contains Man page
contains,character,Dataset-method Man page
contains,character,Variable-method Man page
contains-methods Man page
description Man page
description,Dataset-method Man page
description-methods Man page
description,Variable-method Man page
df<-,summary.Statdf,data.frame-method Man page
df,summary.Statdf-method Man page
exportPDF Man page
exportPDF,Bivan-method Man page
exportPDF,Dataset-method Man page
exportPDF-methods Man page
exportPDF,Statdf-method Man page
findlast Man page Man page
find.value.last Man page
get.spss.file Man page
nroww Man page
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print,summary.Statdf-method Man page
recode Man page
recode,CategoricalVariable,list-method Man page
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Rsocialdata0 Man page
Rsocialdata0-package Man page
sdf<-,summary.Statdf,data.frame-method Man page
sdf,summary.Statdf-method Man page
seq.count Man page
show,summary.Statdf-method Man page
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summary.Statdf-class Man page
thresholds<-,summary.Statdf-method Man page
thresholds,summary.Statdf-method Man page
varid Man page
varid,character,Dataset-method Man page
varid-methods Man page
weighting Man page
weighting,Bivan-method Man page
weighting,Dataset-method Man page
weighting-methods Man page
weightings Man page
weightings,Dataset-method Man page
weightings-methods Man page
weights Man page
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