Rweibo: An interface to the Weibo open platform

This package provides an interface to sina weibo using OAuth 2.0 and cookies

AuthorJian Li, Yibo Chen
Date of publication2014-04-04 06:38:26
MaintainerJian Li <>

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Man pages

account.get_privacy: Return the authenticating user's privacy settings.

account.profile.school_list: Return all of the schools.

account.rate_limit_status: Return the authenticating user's API access rate limitation.

analysis.getComments: Return the data.frame of comments of a original weibo.

analysis.getReposts: Return the data.frame of reposted weibos of a original weibo.

analysis.getUserFollowers: Return the data.frame of weibos of one user.

analysis.getUserTimeline: Return the data.frame of weibos of one user.

comments.by_me: Return comments posted by the authenticating user.

comments.create: Post a comment to a weibo.

comments.destroy: Delete a comment of authenticating user's.

comments.destroy_batch: Delete a comment of authenticating user's.

comments.mentions: Return the latest comments metioned the authenticating user.

comments.reply: Reply a comment. Return comments of one weibo by the weibo ID.

comments.timeline: Return the latest comments of the authenticating user...

comments.to_me: Return comments posted to the authenticating user.

common.code_to_location: Return address names by address codes.

common.get_city: Return cities list.

common.get_country: Return countries list.

common.get_province: Return provinces list.

createOAuth: create an OAuth object

friendships.create: Follow a user.

friendships.destroy: Cancel following a user.

friendships.followers: Return the followers list of a user. Return the active(high quality) followers list of a user.

friendships.friends: Return the friends list of a user.

friendships.friends.bilateral: Return the list of the users that are following the specified...

friendships.friends_chain.followers: Return the users that are being followed by the...

friendships.friends.in_common: Return the common friends list between two users.

registerApp: Manage application

statuses.bilateral_timeline: Return the latest weibos of the users that are following the...

statuses.count: Return the comment counts and repost counts of a batch of...

statuses.destroy: Delete a weibo by the ID.

statuses.friends_timeline: Return the latest weibos of the authenticating user and his...

statuses.mentions: Return the latest N weibos metioned the authenticating user....

statuses.public_timeline: Return the latest public weibos

statuses.repost: Repost a weibo.

statuses.repost_by_me: Return the latest N reposted weibos by the authenticating...

statuses.repost_timeline: Return the latest N reposted weibos of a original weibo. Return a single weibo by its ID.

statuses.update: Post a new weibo.

statuses.user_timeline: Return the latest weibos of one user.

users.counts: Return the followers counts,friends counts, and weibo counts... Return user profile by user ID. Search content by word. Search user by nick name.

web.user_timeline: Return the weibos of one user by web parsing.

weibo2.0-class: Class "weibo2.0"

weibo.api: Invoke an API directly by it's URL.

weibo.checkUpdate: Check whether there is a new version of Rweibo.


account.get_privacy Man page
account.profile.school_list Man page
account.rate_limit_status Man page
analysis.getComments Man page
analysis.getReposts Man page
analysis.getUserFollowers Man page
analysis.getUserTimeline Man page
authorize Man page
comments.by_me Man page
comments.create Man page
comments.destroy Man page
comments.destroy_batch Man page
comments.mentions Man page
comments.reply Man page Man page
comments.timeline Man page
comments.to_me Man page
common.code_to_location Man page
common.get_city Man page
common.get_country Man page
common.get_province Man page
createOAuth Man page
deleteApp Man page
expiresIn Man page
friendships.create Man page
friendships.destroy Man page
friendships.followers Man page Man page
friendships.friends Man page
friendships.friends.bilateral Man page
friendships.friends_chain.followers Man page
friendships.friends.in_common Man page
getLimits Man page
listApp Man page
login Man page
modifyApp Man page
registerApp Man page
statuses.bilateral_timeline Man page
statuses.count Man page
statuses.destroy Man page
statuses.friends_timeline Man page
statuses.mentions Man page
statuses.public_timeline Man page
statuses.repost Man page
statuses.repost_by_me Man page
statuses.repost_timeline Man page Man page
statuses.update Man page
statuses.user_timeline Man page
users.counts Man page Man page Man page Man page
web.user_timeline Man page
weibo2.0 Man page
weibo2.0-class Man page
weibo.api Man page
weibo.checkUpdate Man page


R/WeiboObject.R R/account.get_privacy.R R/account.profile.school_list.R R/account.rate_limit_status.R R/analysis.getComments.R R/analysis.getReposts.R R/analysis.getUserFollowers.R R/analysis.getUserTimeline.R R/comments.by_me.R R/comments.create.R R/comments.destroy.R R/comments.destroy_batch.R R/comments.mentions.R R/comments.reply.R R/ R/comments.timeline.R R/comments.to_me.R R/common.code_to_location.R R/common.get_city.R R/common.get_country.R R/common.get_province.R R/createOAuth.R R/friendships.create.R R/friendships.destroy.R R/friendships.followers.R R/ R/friendships.friends.R R/friendships.friends.bilateral.R R/friendships.friends.in_common.R R/friendships.friends_chain.followers.R R/manageApp.R R/statuses.bilateral_timeline.R R/statuses.count.R R/statuses.destroy.R R/statuses.friends_timeline.R R/statuses.mentions.R R/statuses.public_timeline.R R/statuses.repost.R R/statuses.repost_by_me.R R/statuses.repost_timeline.R R/ R/statuses.update.R R/statuses.user_timeline.R R/users.counts.R R/ R/utils.R R/ R/ R/web.user_timeline.R R/weibo.api.R R/weibo.checkUpdate.R R/zzz.R
man/account.get_privacy.Rd man/account.profile.school_list.Rd man/account.rate_limit_status.Rd man/analysis.getComments.Rd man/analysis.getReposts.Rd man/analysis.getUserFollowers.Rd man/analysis.getUserTimeline.Rd man/comments.by_me.Rd man/comments.create.Rd man/comments.destroy.Rd man/comments.destroy_batch.Rd man/comments.mentions.Rd man/comments.reply.Rd man/ man/comments.timeline.Rd man/comments.to_me.Rd man/common.code_to_location.Rd man/common.get_city.Rd man/common.get_country.Rd man/common.get_province.Rd man/createOAuth.Rd man/friendships.create.Rd man/friendships.destroy.Rd man/friendships.followers.Rd man/ man/friendships.friends.Rd man/friendships.friends.bilateral.Rd man/friendships.friends.in_common.Rd man/friendships.friends_chain.followers.Rd man/registerApp.Rd man/statuses.bilateral_timeline.Rd man/statuses.count.Rd man/statuses.destroy.Rd man/statuses.friends_timeline.Rd man/statuses.mentions.Rd man/statuses.public_timeline.Rd man/statuses.repost.Rd man/statuses.repost_by_me.Rd man/statuses.repost_timeline.Rd man/ man/statuses.update.Rd man/statuses.user_timeline.Rd man/users.counts.Rd man/ man/ man/ man/web.user_timeline.Rd man/weibo.api.Rd man/weibo.checkUpdate.Rd man/weibo2.0-class.Rd

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