SMCS4: Sequential Monte Carlo samplers in S4

This package provides S4 definitions and methods to implement Sequential Monte Carlo samplers (e.g., particle filters).

AuthorMaarten Speekenbrink <>
Date of publication2015-09-07 11:45:17
MaintainerMaarten Speekenbrink <>
LicenseGPL (>=2)

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cov,ParticleMatrix-method Man page
DynProbit Man page
DynProbit-class Man page
DynProbitInit Man page
ESS Man page
ESS,DynProbit-method Man page
ESS,ParticleBase-method Man page
ESS,ParticleMatrix-method Man page
getN Man page
getNormWeights Man page
getNormWeights,DynProbit-method Man page
getNormWeights,ParticleBase-method Man page
getNormWeights,ParticleMatrix-method Man page
getN,ParticleBase-method Man page
getWeights Man page
getWeights,DynProbit-method Man page
getWeights,ParticleBase-method Man page
getWeights,ParticleMatrix-method Man page
logWeights Man page
logWeights<- Man page
logWeights,DynProbit-method Man page
logWeights<-,ParticleBase-method Man page
logWeights,ParticleBase-method Man page
logWeights<-,ParticleMatrix-method Man page
logWeights,ParticleMatrix-method Man page
McmcMove Man page
McmcMove,ParticleBase-method Man page
mean,ParticleMatrix-method Man page
ParticleBase-class Man page
ParticleCov Man page
ParticleCov,ParticleMatrix-method Man page
ParticleMatrix-class Man page
ParticleMean Man page
ParticleMean,ParticleMatrix-method Man page
ParticleMove Man page
ParticleMove,DynProbit-method Man page
ParticleMove,ParticleBase-method Man page
ParticleMove,ParticleMatrix-method Man page
particles Man page
particles<- Man page
particles,DynProbit-method Man page
particles<-,ParticleBase-method Man page
particles,ParticleBase-method Man page
particles<-,ParticleMatrix-method Man page
particles,ParticleMatrix-method Man page
ParticleVar Man page
ParticleVar,ParticleMatrix-method Man page
Resample Man page
Resample,ParticleMatrix-method Man page
SmcIterate Man page
SmcIterate,DynProbit-method Man page
SmcIterate,ParticleBase-method Man page
SmcIterate,ParticleMatrix-method Man page
UpdateWeights Man page
UpdateWeights,DynProbit-method Man page
UpdateWeights,ParticleBase-method Man page
UpdateWeights,ParticleMatrix-method Man page
var,ParticleMatrix-method Man page

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