ex0817: Biological Pest Control

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In a study of the effectiveness of biological control of the exotic weed tansy ragwort, researchers manipulated the exposure to the ragwort flea beetle on 15 plots that had been planted with a high density of ragwort. Harvesting the plots the next season, they measured the average dry mass of ragwort remaining (grams/plant) and the flea beetle load (beetles/gram of ragwort dry mass) to see if the ragwort plants in plots with high flea beetle loads were smaller as a result of herbivory by the beetles.




A data frame with 15 observations on the following 2 variables.


flee beetle load (in beetles/gram of ragwort dry mass)


dry mass of ragwort weed


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McEvoy, P. and Cox, C. (1991). Successful Biological Control of Ragwort, Senecio jacobaea, by introducing insects in Oregon, Ecological Applications 1(4): 430–442.



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