SobolIndices: Computing the Sobol Indices

The SobolIndices package implements the methods for determining the numerator of the sobol indices.

AuthorMin Wang, Rong Lu and Grzegorz Rempala
Bioconductor views Variable Selection
Date of publication2016-04-20 23:41:43
MaintainerMin Wang <>
LicenseApache License (== 2.0)

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IdenSIkinter Man page
IdenSIkorder Man page
IdenSImain Man page
IdenSImainsingle Man page
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LogitSIfordersample Man page
LogitSIkintersample Man page
LogitSIkordersample Man page
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Sobol Man page
SobolAll Man page
SobolIndices Man page
SobolIndicesAll Man page
SobolIndicesAll-class Man page
SobolIndicesAll-method Man page
SobolIndices-class Man page
SobolIndices-method Man page
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