Man pages for SpatialExtremes
Modelling Spatial Extremes

anovaAnova Tables
concprobPairwise empirical and extremal concurrence probabilities
concurrencemapMaps of concurrence probabilities/expected concurrence cell...
condmapProduces a conditional 2D map from a fitted max-stable...
condrgpConditional simulation of Gaussian random fields
condrmaxlinConditional simulation of max-linear random fields
condrmaxstabConditional simulation of max-stable processes
covarianceDefines and computes covariance functions
cvEstimates the penalty coefficient from the cross-validation...
DICDeviance Information Criterion
distancesComputes distance between pairs of locations
extcoeffPlots the extremal coefficient
extcoeffempNon parametric estimators of the extremal coefficient...
fitcopulaFit a copula-based model to spatial extremes
fitcovarianceEstimates the covariance function for the Schlather's model
fitcovmatEstimates the covariance matrix for the Smith's model
fitmaxstabFits a max-stable process to data
fitspatgevMLE for a spatial GEV model
fmadogramComputes the F-madogram
gcvEstimates the penalty coefficient from the generalized...
GEVThe Generalized Extreme Value Distribution
gev2frechTransforms GEV data to unit Frechet ones and vice versa
GPDThe Generalized Pareto Distribution
internalsInternal functions and methods for the maxstable package.
krigingSimple kriging interpolation
latentVariableBayesian hierarchical models for spatial extremes
lmadogramComputes the lambda-madogram
logLikExtracts Log-Likelihood
lsmaxstabEstimates the spatial dependence parameter of a max-stable...
madogramComputes madograms
mapProduces a 2D map from a fitted max-stable process
map.latentTwo dimensional map from a Bayesian hierarchical model
modeldefDefine a model for the spatial behaviour of the GEV...
plot.copulaModel checking of a fitted copula based model.
plot.maxstabModel checking of a fitted max-stable model
predictPrediction of the marginal parameters for various models
printPrinting objects of classes defined in the SpatialExtreme...
profile2d.maxstabMethod for profiling (in 2d) fitted max-stable objects
profile.maxstabMethod for profiling fitted max-stable objects
qqextcoeffQQ-plot for the extremal coefficient
qqgevQQ-plot for the GEV parameters
rainfallSummer annual maxima precipitation in Switzerland
rbCreates a model using penalized smoothing splines
rbpsplineFits a penalized spline with radial basis functions to data
rcopulaSimulation from copula based models with unit Frechet margins
rgpGaussian Random Fields Simulation
rmaxlinSimulation from max-linear models
simmaxstabSimulation of Max-Stable Random Fields
SpatialExtremes-packageAnalysis of Spatial Extremes
swissMap of the Switzerland.
swissaltElevation in Switzerland
symbolplotDetecting spatial trends graphically
TICTakeuchi's information criterion
univfitFits univariate extreme value distributions to data
USHCNTempSummer/Winter annual maxima/minima temperature in continental...
variogramEmpirical variogram
vdcVan der Corput Sequence
windgustAnnual maxima wind gusts in the Netherlands.
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