StudyPrior: Distributions for Historical Information

Implements useful prior distributions for incorporating data from previous studies into a new study, such as power priors, meta-analytic priors.

AuthorIsaac Gravestock
Date of publication2017-03-24 14:45:57
MaintainerIsaac Gravestock <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

binom.Beta.EB: Empirical Bayes Beta Prior for Binomial Data

binom.Bias.FB: Full Bayes Bias Prior for Binomial Data

binom.MAP.EB: Empirical Bayes Meta-Analytic Prior for Binomial Data

binom.MAP.FB: Full Bayesian Meta-Analytic Prior for Binomial Data

binom.PP.EB: Empirical Bayes Power Prior for Binomial Data

binom.PP.EB.Beta: Empirical Bayes Power Prior for Binomial Data

binom.PP.EB.Sep: Empirical Bayes Power Prior for Binomial Data Esimated...

binom.PP.FB: Full Bayes Power Prior for Binomial Data

binom.PP.FB.INLA: Title

binom.PP.FB.MC: Title

binom.PP.FB.MC.BE: Title

binom.PP.FB.MC.COR: Title

binom.PP.FIX: Fixed Weight Power Prior for Binomial Data

binom.prior: Prior distribution for binomial data

bool.mat.plot: Plot a boolean matrix in two colours

calc.bias: Calculate bias

calc.coverage: Coverage using prior using the Bayarri thing

calc.MSE: Calculate mean squared error

calc.MSE.mean: Calculate mean squared error based on the mean of the...

calc.MSE.mode: Calculate mean squared error based on the mode of the...

calc.power: Calculate power

conj.approx: Mixture distribution

conj.approx2: Approximate distribution with mixture model

conj.approx.robust: Approximate distribution with mixture model Create mixture model

dbinomc: Extension of the binomial distribution to allow real values... Calculate the effective sample size of mixture model Get density of mixture Calculate the mean of mixture model

mix.plot: Plot the mixture model

normal.PP.FB.INLA: Normal power prior with full Bayes by INLA

normal.PP.FB.MC: Normal power prior with full Bayes by Monte Carlo Probabilty density function Plot mixture model Calculate posterior mixture model Print mixture model Quantile function Sample from the mixture distribution

sig.matrix: Calculate a matrix of significance test results for all... Update parameters or weights in mixture model Calculate the variance of mixture model

VP: Print messages if verbose=TRUE in calling function.


binom.Beta.EB Man page
binom.Bias.FB Man page
binom.MAP.EB Man page
binom.MAP.FB Man page
binom.PP.EB Man page
binom.PP.EB.Beta Man page
binom.PP.EB.Sep Man page
binom.PP.FB Man page
binom.PP.FB.INLA Man page
binom.PP.FB.MC Man page
binom.PP.FB.MC.BE Man page
binom.PP.FB.MC.COR Man page
binom.PP.FIX Man page
binom.prior Man page
bool.mat.plot Man page
calc.bias Man page
calc.coverage Man page
calc.MSE Man page
calc.MSE.mean Man page
calc.MSE.mode Man page
calc.power Man page
conj.approx Man page
conj.approx2 Man page
conj.approx.robust Man page Man page
dbinomc Man page Man page Man page Man page
mix.plot Man page
normal.PP.FB.INLA Man page
normal.PP.FB.MC Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page
sig.matrix Man page Man page Man page
VP Man page


R/Bias.R R/Coverage.R R/MSE.mean.R R/MSE.mode.R R/MSE1.R R/Power.R R/VP.R R/approx.2.R R/approx.3.R R/approx.3.robust.R R/approx.R R/binom.Beta.EB.R R/binom.Bias.R R/binom.MAP.EB.R R/binom.MAP.FB.R R/binom.PP.EB.Beta.R R/binom.PP.EB.R R/binom.PP.EB.Sep.R R/binom.PP.FB.INLA.R R/binom.PP.FB.MC.BE.R R/binom.PP.FB.MC.COR.R R/binom.PP.FB.MC.Post.R R/binom.PP.FB.MC.R R/binom.PP.FB.R R/binom.PP.FIX.R R/binom.continuous.R R/binom.prior.R R/bool.mat.plot.R R/cor.prior.R R/fun.list.R R/mix.plot.R R/normal.PP.FB.INLA.R R/normal.PP.FB.MC.R R/sig.matrix.R
Test/FixEffect.R Test/Study3.R Test/Study4.R Test/Study5.R Test/Study5nr.R
man/VP.Rd man/binom.Beta.EB.Rd man/binom.Bias.FB.Rd man/binom.MAP.EB.Rd man/binom.MAP.FB.Rd man/binom.PP.EB.Beta.Rd man/binom.PP.EB.Rd man/binom.PP.EB.Sep.Rd man/binom.PP.FB.INLA.Rd man/binom.PP.FB.MC.BE.Rd man/binom.PP.FB.MC.COR.Rd man/binom.PP.FB.MC.Rd man/binom.PP.FB.Rd man/binom.PP.FIX.Rd man/binom.prior.Rd man/bool.mat.plot.Rd man/calc.MSE.Rd man/calc.MSE.mean.Rd man/calc.MSE.mode.Rd man/calc.bias.Rd man/calc.coverage.Rd man/calc.power.Rd man/conj.approx.Rd man/conj.approx.robust.Rd man/conj.approx2.Rd man/ man/dbinomc.Rd man/ man/ man/ man/mix.plot.Rd man/normal.PP.FB.INLA.Rd man/normal.PP.FB.MC.Rd man/ man/ man/ man/ man/ man/ man/sig.matrix.Rd man/ man/

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