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Man pages

GetAgesExcel.fn: Reads in age data from Excel file and returns age frequencies...

GetAges.fn: Reads in age data and returns age frequencies in SS3 format

GetLFs.fn: Reads in LF data and returns length frequencies in SS3 format

GetLFsFromExcel.fn: Reads in LF data and returns length frequencies in SS3 format

GetTotalBiomassExcel.fn: Output the biomass in SS3 format, reading in from Excel file

GetTotalBiomass.fn: Output the biomass in SS3 format, reading in from a csv file

plotBio.fn: Plot the biomass estimates with confidence interval

plotBioStrata.fn: Plot biomass estimates by strata with CI's

plotFreqData.fn: Plot age or length frequencies as bubble plots

plotFreqDataStrata.fn: Plot age or length frequencies by strata as bubble plots

plotLFs.fn: Plots frequency data (deprecated) and now should use...

plotSexRatio.fn: Plots the sex ratio by length bins

readDataFromExcel.fn: Read biomass data from Excel file

readInAgeComps.fn: Reads in age comps from a csv file provided by survey team

readInBiomass.fn: Read in the biomass estimates from csv file provided by...

readInExcelAgeComps.fn: Reads age comps from Excel file provided by survey team

readInExcelBiomass.fn: Read biomass from Excel file provided by survey team

readInExcelLengthComps.fn: Read in length comps from Excel file provided by survey team

readInLengthComps.fn: Read in length comps from a csv file

SS3AgeAtLen.fn: Calculates age-at-length to input into SS3

SS3Biomass.fn: Calculates yearly biomass for input into SS3

SS3LF.fn: Calculates length frequencies for input into SS3

SS3LFstrata.fn: Enumerates the length frequencies by strata

strataBiomass.fn: Enumerates biomass by strata

SurveyCode-package: Functions used to analyze NWFSC survey data and create input...


GetAgesExcel.fn Man page
GetAges.fn Man page
GetLFs.fn Man page
GetLFsFromExcel.fn Man page
GetTotalBiomassExcel.fn Man page
GetTotalBiomass.fn Man page
plotBio.fn Man page
plotBioStrata.fn Man page
plotFreqData.fn Man page
plotFreqDataStrata.fn Man page
plotLFs.fn Man page
plotSexRatio.fn Man page
readDataFromExcel.fn Man page
readInAgeComps.fn Man page
readInBiomass.fn Man page
readInExcelAgeComps.fn Man page
readInExcelBiomass.fn Man page
readInExcelLengthComps.fn Man page
readInLengthComps.fn Man page
SS3AgeAtLen.fn Man page
SS3Biomass.fn Man page
SS3LF.fn Man page
SS3LFstrata.fn Man page
strataBiomass.fn Man page
SurveyCode Man page
SurveyCode-package Man page


SurveyCode/R/readInBiomass.fn.R SurveyCode/R/SS3LFstrata.fn.R SurveyCode/R/readInExcelBiomass.fn.R SurveyCode/R/plotLFs.fn.R SurveyCode/R/strataBiomass.fn.R SurveyCode/R/SS3AgeAtLen.fn.R SurveyCode/R/GetTotalBiomassExcel.fn.R SurveyCode/R/GetAgesExcel.fn.R SurveyCode/R/plotBio.fn.R SurveyCode/R/GetLFsFromExcel.fn.R SurveyCode/R/readInLengthComps.fn.R SurveyCode/R/SS3Biomass.fn.R SurveyCode/R/plotFreqData.fn.R SurveyCode/R/plotSexRatio.fn.R SurveyCode/R/updateSurveyCode.R SurveyCode/R/readDataFromExcel.fn.R SurveyCode/R/SS3LF.fn.R SurveyCode/R/readInExcelAgeComps.fn.R SurveyCode/R/plotBioStrata.fn.R SurveyCode/R/GetLFs.fn.R SurveyCode/R/GetAges.fn.R SurveyCode/R/readInAgeComps.fn.R SurveyCode/R/plotFreqDataStrata.fn.R SurveyCode/R/GetTotalBiomass.fn.R SurveyCode/R/readInExcelLengthComps.fn.R
SurveyCode/man/plotSexRatio.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/GetTotalBiomassExcel.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/readDataFromExcel.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/readInExcelLengthComps.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/SS3AgeAtLen.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/readInExcelAgeComps.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/plotLFs.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/readInExcelBiomass.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/readInAgeComps.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/plotBioStrata.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/readInBiomass.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/SS3LFstrata.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/strataBiomass.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/SS3Biomass.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/GetAges.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/plotFreqDataStrata.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/GetTotalBiomass.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/GetLFsFromExcel.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/SurveyCode-package.Rd SurveyCode/man/plotFreqData.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/GetLFs.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/plotBio.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/GetAgesExcel.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/readInLengthComps.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/SS3LF.fn.Rd

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