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Man pages

GetAgesExcel.fn: Reads in age data from Excel file and returns age frequencies...

GetAges.fn: Reads in age data and returns age frequencies in SS3 format

GetLFs.fn: Reads in LF data and returns length frequencies in SS3 format

GetLFsFromExcel.fn: Reads in LF data and returns length frequencies in SS3 format

GetTotalBiomassExcel.fn: Output the biomass in SS3 format, reading in from Excel file

GetTotalBiomass.fn: Output the biomass in SS3 format, reading in from a csv file

plotBio.fn: Plot the biomass estimates with confidence interval

plotBioStrata.fn: Plot biomass estimates by strata with CI's

plotFreqData.fn: Plot age or length frequencies as bubble plots

plotFreqDataStrata.fn: Plot age or length frequencies by strata as bubble plots

plotLFs.fn: Plots frequency data (deprecated) and now should use...

plotSexRatio.fn: Plots the sex ratio by length bins

readDataFromExcel.fn: Read biomass data from Excel file

readInAgeComps.fn: Reads in age comps from a csv file provided by survey team

readInBiomass.fn: Read in the biomass estimates from csv file provided by...

readInExcelAgeComps.fn: Reads age comps from Excel file provided by survey team

readInExcelBiomass.fn: Read biomass from Excel file provided by survey team

readInExcelLengthComps.fn: Read in length comps from Excel file provided by survey team

readInLengthComps.fn: Read in length comps from a csv file

SS3AgeAtLen.fn: Calculates age-at-length to input into SS3

SS3Biomass.fn: Calculates yearly biomass for input into SS3

SS3LF.fn: Calculates length frequencies for input into SS3

SS3LFstrata.fn: Enumerates the length frequencies by strata

strataBiomass.fn: Enumerates biomass by strata

SurveyCode-package: Functions used to analyze NWFSC survey data and create input...

Files in this package

SurveyCode/R/readInBiomass.fn.R SurveyCode/R/SS3LFstrata.fn.R SurveyCode/R/readInExcelBiomass.fn.R SurveyCode/R/plotLFs.fn.R SurveyCode/R/strataBiomass.fn.R SurveyCode/R/SS3AgeAtLen.fn.R SurveyCode/R/GetTotalBiomassExcel.fn.R SurveyCode/R/GetAgesExcel.fn.R SurveyCode/R/plotBio.fn.R SurveyCode/R/GetLFsFromExcel.fn.R SurveyCode/R/readInLengthComps.fn.R SurveyCode/R/SS3Biomass.fn.R SurveyCode/R/plotFreqData.fn.R SurveyCode/R/plotSexRatio.fn.R SurveyCode/R/updateSurveyCode.R SurveyCode/R/readDataFromExcel.fn.R SurveyCode/R/SS3LF.fn.R SurveyCode/R/readInExcelAgeComps.fn.R SurveyCode/R/plotBioStrata.fn.R SurveyCode/R/GetLFs.fn.R SurveyCode/R/GetAges.fn.R SurveyCode/R/readInAgeComps.fn.R SurveyCode/R/plotFreqDataStrata.fn.R SurveyCode/R/GetTotalBiomass.fn.R SurveyCode/R/readInExcelLengthComps.fn.R
SurveyCode/man/plotSexRatio.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/GetTotalBiomassExcel.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/readDataFromExcel.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/readInExcelLengthComps.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/SS3AgeAtLen.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/readInExcelAgeComps.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/plotLFs.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/readInExcelBiomass.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/readInAgeComps.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/plotBioStrata.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/readInBiomass.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/SS3LFstrata.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/strataBiomass.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/SS3Biomass.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/GetAges.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/plotFreqDataStrata.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/GetTotalBiomass.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/GetLFsFromExcel.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/SurveyCode-package.Rd SurveyCode/man/plotFreqData.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/GetLFs.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/plotBio.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/GetAgesExcel.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/readInLengthComps.fn.Rd SurveyCode/man/SS3LF.fn.Rd

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