Primal2Dual: Method for converting a primal LP to its dual representation

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Additional arguments to the Primal2Dual-method pertinent to the defined S4-classes in this package are detailed below.


## S4 method for signature 'CLPD'



CLPD: an object of class "CLPD", ordinarily returned by a call to LPD().


Unequality constraints in the primal LP are converted to equality constraints, first and a warning is issued if this should be the case. The variables bounds of the primal have to be non-negtaive. The dual has as objective coefficients the rhs-vector of the primal and the optimization direction is reversed. The constraints consist of the transposed A matrix, the primal objective coefficients become the rhs values of the dual and the relational operators are “>=” in case of minimization and “<=” in case of maximization. The variable bounds of the dual form are from -Inf to Inf.


CLPD: Returns the dual form of a LP.


Bernhard Pfaff

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