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Technical Trading Rules

adjRatiosSplit and dividend adjustment ratios
ADXWelles Wilder's Directional Movement Index
ATRTrue Range / Average True Range
bollingerBandsBollinger Bands
CCICommodity Channel Index
chaikinADChaikin Accumulation / Distribution
chaikinVolatilityChaikin Volatility
changesRate of Change / Momentum
CLVClose Location Value
CMFChaikin Money Flow
CMOChande Momentum Oscillator
DonchianChannelDonchian Channel
DPODe-Trended Price Oscillator
DVIDV Intermediate Oscillator
EMVArms' Ease of Movement Value
GMMAGuppy Multiple Moving Averages
KSTKnow Sure Thing
MACDMACD Oscillator
MFIMoney Flow Index
MovingAveragesMoving Averages
OBVOn Balance Volume (OBV)
priceBandsConstruct (optionally further smoothed and centered )...
rollFunAnalysis of Running/Rolling/Moving Windows
RSIRelative Strength Index
runFunAnalysis of Running/Rolling/Moving Windows
runPercentRankPercent Rank over a Moving Window
SARParabolic Stop-and-Reverse
stochasticsStochastic Oscillator / Stochastic Momentum Index
TDITrend Detection Index
TRIXTriple Smoothed Exponential Oscillator
TTRFunctions to create Technical Trading Rules (TTR)
ttrcTechnical Trading Rule Composite data
TTRtoolsMiscellaneous Tools
ultimateOscillatorThe Ultimate Oscillator
VHFVertical Horizontal Filter
WebDataFetch Internet Data
williamsADWilliams Accumulation / Distribution
WPRWilliam's %R
ZigZagZig Zag
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