Man pages for UScensus2010
US Census 2010 Suite of R Packages

areaPolyArea of the polygons in SpatialPolygonsDataFrame
CensusAPI2010US Census API function
CensusAPI2010SpatialUS Census API function
check.stateInternal Function
choroplethChoropleth Mapping
choropleth.plotInternal Function
choropleth.spplotInternal Function
citySelects one or more CDP(s) from a given state
countySelects one or more counties in a given state
countyfipsCounty FIPS codes
demographicsSelects a specified demographic meta-data from the sp...
fips2010FIPS for all levels in the year 2010
install.blkInstaller for the UScensus2000blk package.
install.blkgrpInstaller for the UScensus2010blkgrp package.
install.cdpInstaller for the UScensus2010cdp package.
install.countyInstaller for the UScensus2010county package.
install.tractInstaller for the UScensus2010tract package.
MSASelects one MSA from a given state.
MSAfipsMSA FIPS codes
MSAnamesMSA Names and FIPS codes
nameTofipsCounty or MSA name to FIPS code(s).
poly.clipperSelects the block, block group, or tracts which are contained...
statesStates Names
states.namesStates Names
states.names.capStates Names Capitalized
UScensus2010-packageHelper functions for the UScensus2010-suite of packages
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