Man pages for Vennerable
Venn and Euler area-proportional diagrams

compute.S4Venn diagrams on 4 sets
compute.VennCalculate the geometry of a Venn or Euler diagram.
PlotDarkMatterPlots dark matter
PlotVennGeometryDisplay computed Venn diagrams
StemCellStem cell data
TissueDrawing-classClass "TissueDrawing"
VennConstruct intersections of sets
Venn-classClass "Venn"
VennDiagramsPredrawn Venn diagrams.
VennDrawing-classClass "VennDrawing"
Vennerable-internalInternal functions for Vennerable, plus some user-visible...
Vennerable-packageVenn and Euler area-proportional diagrams
VennSetSetLabelsSet and get annotation labels and graphical styles
VennThemesCreate lists of graphical parameters for Venn diagrams
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