Man pages for WRS2
A Collection of Robust Statistical Methods

ancovaRobust ANCOVA
binbandComparison of discrete distributions
bushBushtucker Foods
bwtrimA robust two-way mixed ANOVA using trimmed means.
chileChile Heat and Length
dietDiet and Weight Loss
electricThe Electric Company
essaysAcademic Writing Data
eurosoccerEuropean Soccer Leagues
gogglesBeer Goggles Effect
hangoverHangover Symptoms
invisibilityCloaks of Invisibility
LeerkesMaternal Self-Efficacy
med1wayHeteroscedastic one-way ANOVA for medians.
med2wayA two-way ANOVA for medians.
movieMovies and Aggressive Affect
onesampbOne-sample percentile bootstrap
pbcorRobust correlation coefficients.
pictureProfile Pictures
PygmalionPygmalion Data
qanovaQuantile ANOVA
rmanovaA heteroscedastic one-way repeated measures ANOVA for trimmed...
rmanovabA heteroscedastic one-way repeated measures bootstrap ANOVA...
runmeanRunning Interval Smoother
swimmingOptimistic and Pessimistic Swimmers
t1wayA heteroscedastic one-way ANOVA for trimmed means.
t1waybtBootstrap version of the heteroscedastic one-way ANOVA for...
t2wayA two-way ANOVA for trimmed means, M-estimators, and medians.
t3wayA three-way ANOVA for trimmed means.
trimcibtBootstrap-t method for one-sample test
trimseRobust location measures and their standard errors (se).
twocorConfidence intervals for two-sided tests on correlation...
viagraEffects of Viagra
WineTastingWine Tasting
wmcpAKPEffect size for dependent samples ANOVA
yuenIndependent samples t-tests on robust location measures...
yuendPaired samples robust t-tests.
ZYmediateRobust mediation test
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