Man pages for YplantQMC
Plant architectural analysis with Yplant and QuasiMC.

constructplantConstruct a 3D plant
crownhullCalculates and plots the convex hull around the plant crown
examplehemiTwo example hemiphotos in YplantQMC format
FarquharFarquhar-Ball-Berry coupled leaf gas exchange model
getanglesRead angles from a .p file.
getRGet crown radius of a plant
installQuasiMCDownload and install the QuasiMC executable
leafdispersionLeaf dispersion of 3D plants
lightresponseNon-rectangular hyperbola
makereportMake a PDF report of several YplantQMC objects
makeStandMake a stand of virtual plants
ModifyPfilesModify Yplant input files.
plantexamplesThree example 3D plants
plot.leaffilePlots a Yplant leaf file (a file with extension '.l' or...
plot.plant3dPlots a plant in 3D
projectplantProject plant coordinates onto a viewing plane
psrdataGet PSR data.
randomplantGenerate a plant with randomly distributed leaves
readlRead a Yplant leaf file
readpReads the data from a .p file.
runYplantA single simulation of YplantQMC
setHemiGenerate a hemiphoto object
setLocationGenerate a location object
setMetGenerate a weather object
setPhyMake a leaf physiology object
SilhouetteCalculates the area of the 2D convex hull of a projected...
STARbarCalculate displayed and projected leaf areas of a 3D plant
summary.plant3dSummarize 3D plants
turtleA turtle sky with 58 points
turtle244A turtle sky with 244 points
turtle482A turtle sky with 482 points
viewplotMake a three panel plot of a 3D plant
xmastimeIs it xmas yet?
yplantaltazAltitude and azimuth angles
YplantDayRun a simulation over a day with YplantQMC
zenazCalculates position of the sun
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