afex: Analysis of Factorial Experiments

Provides convenience functions for analyzing factorial experiments using ANOVA or mixed models. aov_ez(), aov_car(), and aov_4() allow convenient specification of between, within (i.e., repeated-measures), or mixed between-within (i.e., split-plot) ANOVAs for data in long format (i.e., one observation per row), potentially aggregating multiple observations per individual and cell of the design. mixed() fits mixed models using lme4::lmer() and computes p-values for all effects using either Kenward-Roger approximation for degrees of freedom (LMM only), parametric bootstrap (LMMs and GLMMs), or likelihood ratio tests (LMMs and GLMMs). afex uses type 3 sums of squares as default (imitating commercial statistical software).

AuthorHenrik Singmann [aut, cre], Ben Bolker [aut], Jake Westfall [aut], Sren Hjsgaard [ctb], John Fox [ctb], Michael A. Lawrence [ctb], Ulf Mertens [ctb]
Date of publication2015-05-18 10:18:36
MaintainerHenrik Singmann <>
LicenseGPL (>=3)

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