aroma.apd: A probe-level data file format used by aroma.affymetrix [DEPRECATED]

THIS PACKAGE HAS BEEN DEPRECATED. (The (in-house) APD file format was initially developed to store Affymetrix probe-level data, e.g. normalized CEL intensities. Chip types can be added to APD file and similar to methods in the affxparser package, this package provides methods to read APDs organized by units (probesets). In addition, the probe elements can be arranged optimally such that the elements are guaranteed to be read in order when, for instance, data is read unit by unit. This speeds up the read substantially. This package is supporting the Aroma framework and should not be used elsewhere.)

AuthorHenrik Bengtsson [aut, cre, cph]
Bioconductor views DataImport Microarray
Date of publication2014-06-15 02:39:43
MaintainerHenrik Bengtsson <>
LicenseLGPL (>= 2.1)

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aroma.apd Man page
aroma.apd-package Man page
cdfToApdMap Man page
cdfToApdMap.default Man page
celToApd Man page
celToApd.default Man page
createApd Man page
createApd.default Man page
findApdMap Man page
findApdMap.default Man page
gtypeCelToPQ Man page
gtypeCelToPQ.default Man page
Non-documented objects Man page
readApd Man page
readApd.default Man page
readApdHeader Man page
readApdHeader.default Man page
readApdMap Man page
readApdMap.default Man page
readApdRectangle Man page
readApdRectangle.default Man page
readApdUnits Man page
readApdUnits.default Man page
updateApd Man page
updateApd.default Man page
updateApdHeader Man page
updateApdHeader.default Man page
updateApdUnits Man page
updateApdUnits.default Man page
writeApd Man page
writeApd.default Man page
writeApdMap Man page
writeApdMap.default Man page

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