austin: A package for doing things with words

Doing things with words currently means scaling documents on a presumed underlying dimension on the basis of word frequencies and heroic assumptions about language generation.

AuthorWill Lowe
Date of publication2012-05-08 16:41:57
MaintainerWill Lowe <>

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Man pages

as.docword: Extract a Document by Word Matrix

as.wfm: Coerce to a Word Frequency Matrix

as.worddoc: Extract a Word by Document Matrix

austin-internal: Internal austin objects

austin-package: Austin Compute Bootstrap Standard Errors

classic.wordscores: Old-Style Wordscores

coef.classic.wordscores: Show Wordscores

coef.wordfish: Extract Word Parameters

daildata: The Irish No-Confidence debate

demanif: German Party Manifesto Data

demanif.econ: Economics sections of German Party Manifestos

demanif.foreign: Foreign Policy Sections of German Party Manifestos

demanif.soc: Societal sections of German Party Manifestos

docs: Extract Document Names

extractwords: Pull Words From a List

fitted.wordfish: Get Fitted Values from a Wordfish Model

getdocs: Get Documents

iebudget2009: Irish Budget Debate Data 2009

initialize.urfish: initialize.urfish

interestgroups: Interest Groups

is.wfm: Checks for Word Frequency Matrix

lbg: Example Data

plot.classic.wordscores: Plot a Wordscores Model

plot.coef.wordfish: Plot the Word Parameters From a Wordfish Model

plot.wordfish: Plot a Wordfish Model

predict.classic.wordscores: Predict New Document Positions

predict.wordfish: Predict Method for Wordfish

rescale: Rescale Estimated Document Positions

sim.wordfish: Simulate data and parameters for a Wordfish model

summary.classic.wordscores: Summarize an Classic Wordscores Model

summary.wordfish: Summarize a Wordfish Model

trim: Trim a Word Frequency Data

ukmanif: UK Manifesto Data

wfm: Word Frequency Matrix

wfm2bmr: Transform Word Frequency Matrix for BMR/BLR

wfm2lda: Transform Word Frequency Matrix for lda

wordfish: Estimate a Wordfish Model

wordfreqj: Count Words in Documents

wordmargin: Which margin holds the words

words: Extract Words


as.docword Man page
as.wfm Man page
as.worddoc Man page
austin Man page
austin-package Man page Man page
classic.wordscores Man page
coef.classic.wordscores Man page
coef.wordfish Man page
daildata Man page
demanif Man page
demanif.econ Man page
demanif.foreign Man page
demanif.soc Man page
docs Man page
extractwords Man page
fitted.wordfish Man page
getdocs Man page
iebudget2009 Man page
iebudget2009cov Man page
initialize.urfish Man page
interestgroups Man page
is.wfm Man page
lbg Man page
plot.classic.wordscores Man page
plot.coef.wordfish Man page
plot.wordfish Man page
predict.classic.wordscores Man page
predict.wordfish Man page
rescale Man page
sim.wordfish Man page
summary.classic.wordscores Man page
summary.wordfish Man page
trim Man page
ukmanif Man page
wfm Man page
wfm2bmr Man page
wfm2lda Man page
wordfish Man page
wordfreqj Man page
wordmargin Man page
words Man page

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