bamlss: Bayesian Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape (and Beyond)

Infrastructure for estimating probabilistic distributional regression models in a Bayesian framework. The distribution parameters may capture location, scale, shape, etc. and every parameter may depend on complex additive terms (fixed, random, smooth, spatial, etc.) similar to a generalized additive model. The conceptual and computational framework is introduced in Umlauf, Klein, Zeileis (2017) <>.

AuthorNikolaus Umlauf [aut, cre], Nadja Klein [aut], Achim Zeileis [aut], Meike Koehler [aut]
Date of publication2017-04-27 10:39:56
MaintainerNikolaus Umlauf <>
LicenseGPL-2 | GPL-3

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Man pages

Austria: Austria States and Topography

bamlss: Fit Bayesian Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape...

bamlss.engine.helpers: BAMLSS Engine Helper Functions

bamlss.engine.setup: BAMLSS Engine Setup Function

bamlss.formula: Formulae for BAMLSS

bamlss.frame: Create a Model Frame for BAMLSS

bamlss-package: Bayesian Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape (and...

BayesX: Markov Chain Monte Carlo for BAMLSS using 'BayesX'

bfit: Fit BAMLSS with Backfitting

boost: Gradient Boosting BAMLSS

c95: Compute 95% Credible Interval and Mean

coef.bamlss: Extract BAMLSS Coefficients

colorlegend: Plot a Color Legend

continue: Continue Sampling

cox.mcmc: Cox Model Markov Chain Monte Carlo

cox.mode: Cox Model Posterior Mode Estimation

cox.predict: Cox Model Prediction

DIC: Deviance Information Criterion

family.bamlss: Distribution Families in 'bamlss'

fitted.bamlss: BAMLSS Fitted Values

GAMart: GAM Artificial Data Set

gF: Get a BAMLSS Family

GMCMC: General Markov Chain Monte Carlo for BAMLSS

homstart_data: HOMSTART Precipitation Data

JAGS: Markov Chain Monte Carlo for BAMLSS using JAGS

jm_bamlss: Fit Flexible Additive Joint Models

lasso: Lasso Smooth Constructor

LondonFire: London Fire Data

model.frame.bamlss: BAMLSS Model Frame

model.matrix.bamlss.frame: Construct/Extract BAMLSS Design Matrices

MVNORM: Create Samples for BAMLSS by Multivariate Normal...

n: Neural Networks for BAMLSS

neighbormatrix: Compute a Neighborhood Matrix from Spatial Polygons

parameters: Extract or Initialize Parameters for BAMLSS

plot2d: Plot 2D Effects

plot3d: Plot 3D Effects

plot.bamlss: Plotting BAMLSS

plotblock: Factor Variable and Random Effects Plots

plotmap: Plot Maps

predict.bamlss: BAMLSS Prediction

randomize: Transform Smooth Constructs to Random Effects

residuals.bamlss: Compute BAMLSS Residuals

results.bamlss.default: Compute BAMLSS Results for Plotting and Summaries

rmf: Remove Special Characters

s2: Special Smooths in BAMLSS Formulae

samples: Extract Samples

samplestats: Sampling Statistics

scale2: Scaling Vectors and Matrices

simJM: Simulate longitudinal and survival data for joint models

simSurv: Simulate Survival Times

sliceplot: Plot Slices of Bivariate Functions

smooth.construct: Constructor Functions for Smooth Terms in BAMLSS

summary.bamlss: Summary for BAMLSS

Surv2: Create a Survival Object for Joint Models

surv.transform: Survival Model Transformer Function

terms.bamlss: BAMLSS Model Terms

Volcano: Artificial Data Set based on Auckland's Maunga Whau Volcano


Austria Man page
AustriaTopo Man page
bamlss Man page
bamlss.engine.helpers Man page
bamlss.engine.setup Man page Man page
bamlss.formula Man page
bamlss.frame Man page
bamlss.model.frame Man page
bamlss-package Man page
BayesX Man page
BayesX.control Man page
beta_bamlss Man page
bfit Man page
bfit_iwls Man page
bfit_iwls_lm Man page
bfit_iwls_Matrix Man page
bfit_iwls_optim Man page
bfit_iwls_spam Man page
bfit_lm Man page
bfit_optim Man page
binomial_bamlss Man page
boost Man page
boost.nnet.predict Man page
boost.plot Man page
boost.summary Man page
BUGSeta Man page
BUGSmodel Man page
c95 Man page
cnorm_bamlss Man page
coef.bamlss Man page
colorlegend Man page
confint.bamlss Man page
continue Man page
cox_bamlss Man page
cox.mcmc Man page
cox.mode Man page
cox.predict Man page
DIC Man page
family.bamlss Man page
family.bamlss.frame Man page
fitted.bamlss Man page
GAMart Man page
gamma_bamlss Man page
gaussian2_bamlss Man page
gaussian_bamlss Man page
Gaussian_bamlss Man page
get_BayesXsrc Man page
get.par Man page
get.state Man page
gF Man page
GMCMC Man page
GMCMC_iwls Man page
GMCMC_iwlsC Man page
GMCMC_iwlsC_gp Man page
GMCMC_slice Man page
gpareto_bamlss Man page
homstart_data Man page
JAGS Man page
jm_bamlss Man page
jm.mcmc Man page
jm.mode Man page
jm.predict Man page
jm.survplot Man page
jm.transform Man page
la Man page
lasso Man page
lasso.coef Man page
lasso.plot Man page
lasso.stop Man page
lasso.transform Man page
LondonBoroughs Man page
LondonBoundaries Man page
LondonFire Man page
LondonFStations Man page
model.frame.bamlss Man page
model.frame.bamlss.frame Man page
model.matrix.bamlss.formula Man page
model.matrix.bamlss.frame Man page
model.matrix.bamlss.terms Man page
multinomial_bamlss Man page
MVNORM Man page
mvnormAR1_bamlss Man page
mvnorm_bamlss Man page
n Man page
neighbormatrix Man page
parameters Man page
plot2d Man page
plot3d Man page
plot.bamlss Man page
plot.bamlss.residuals Man page
plot.bamlss.results Man page
plotblock Man page
plot.boost.summary Man page
plotmap Man page
plotneighbors Man page
plotnonp Man page
poisson_bamlss Man page
predict.bamlss Man page
Predict.matrix.tensorX3.smooth Man page
Predict.matrix.tensorX.smooth Man page
print.boost.summary Man page
print.summary.bamlss Man page
quant_bamlss Man page
randomize Man page
residuals.bamlss Man page
results.bamlss.default Man page
rJM Man page
rmf Man page
rSurvTime2 Man page
s2 Man page
samples Man page
samples.bamlss Man page
samples.bamlss.frame Man page
samplestats Man page
scale2 Man page
set.par Man page
set.starting.values Man page
simJM Man page
simSurv Man page
sliceplot Man page
smooth.construct Man page
smooth.construct.bamlss.formula Man page
smooth.construct.bamlss.frame Man page
smooth.construct.bamlss.terms Man page
smooth.construct.tensorX3.smooth.spec Man page
smooth.construct.tensorX.smooth.spec Man page
summary.bamlss Man page
Surv2 Man page
surv.transform Man page
sx Man page
terms.bamlss Man page
terms.bamlss.formula Man page
terms.bamlss.frame Man page
tx Man page
tx2 Man page
tx3 Man page
Volcano Man page
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