bamlss: Bayesian Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape (and Beyond)

R infrastructures for Bayesian regression models.

AuthorNikolaus Umlauf [aut, cre], Nadja Klein [aut], Achim Zeileis [aut], Meike Koehler [aut]
Date of publication2017-01-13 03:13:39
MaintainerNikolaus Umlauf <>
LicenseGPL-2 | GPL-3

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Man pages

Austria: Austria States and Topography

bamlss: Fit Bayesian Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape...

bamlss.engine.helpers: BAMLSS Engine Helper Functions

bamlss.engine.setup: BAMLSS Engine Setup Function

bamlss.formula: Formulae for BAMLSS

bamlss.frame: Create a Model Frame for BAMLSS

bamlss-package: Bayesian Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape (and...

BayesX: Markov Chain Monte Carlo for BAMLSS using 'BayesX'

bfit: Fit BAMLSS with Backfitting

boost: Gradient Boosting BAMLSS

c95: Compute 95% Credible Interval and Mean

coef.bamlss: Extract BAMLSS Coefficients

colorlegend: Plot a Color Legend

continue: Continue Sampling

cox.mcmc: Cox Model Markov Chain Monte Carlo

cox.mode: Cox Model Posterior Mode Estimation

cox.predict: Cox Model Prediction

DIC: Deviance Information Criterion

family.bamlss: Distribution Families in 'bamlss'

fitted.bamlss: BAMLSS Fitted Values

GAMart: GAM Artificial Data Set

gF: Get a BAMLSS Family

GMCMC: General Markov Chain Monte Carlo for BAMLSS

homstart_data: HOMSTART Precipitation Data

JAGS: Markov Chain Monte Carlo for BAMLSS using JAGS

jm_bamlss: Fit Flexible Additive Joint Models

lasso: Lasso Smooth Constructor

LondonFire: London Fire Data

model.frame.bamlss: BAMLSS Model Frame

model.matrix.bamlss.frame: Construct/Extract BAMLSS Design Matrices

MVNORM: Create Samples for BAMLSS by Multivariate Normal...

neighbormatrix: Compute a Neighborhood Matrix from Spatial Polygons

parameters: Extract or Initialize Parameters for BAMLSS

plot2d: Plot 2D Effects

plot3d: Plot 3D Effects

plot.bamlss: Plotting BAMLSS

plotblock: Factor Variable and Random Effects Plots

plotmap: Plot Maps

predict.bamlss: BAMLSS Prediction

randomize: Transform Smooth Constructs to Random Effects

residuals.bamlss: Compute BAMLSS Residuals

results.bamlss.default: Compute BAMLSS Results for Plotting and Summaries

rmf: Remove Special Characters

s2: Special Smooths in BAMLSS Formulae

samples: Extract Samples

samplestats: Sampling Statistics

scale2: Scaling Vectors and Matrices

simJM: Simulate longitudinal and survival data for joint models

simSurv: Simulate Survival Times

sliceplot: Plot Slices of Bivariate Functions

smooth.construct: Constructor Functions for Smooth Terms in BAMLSS

summary.bamlss: Summary for BAMLSS

Surv2: Create a Survival Object for Joint Models

surv.transform: Survival Model Transformer Function

terms.bamlss: BAMLSS Model Terms

Volcano: Artificial Data Set based on Auckland's Maunga Whau Volcano

Files in this package

bamlss/R/BAMLSS.R bamlss/R/BayesX.R bamlss/R/GAMart.R bamlss/R/JAGS.R bamlss/R/JM.R bamlss/R/bnd.R bamlss/R/data.R bamlss/R/families.R bamlss/R/homstart.R bamlss/R/imports.R bamlss/R/maps.R bamlss/R/optimizers.R bamlss/R/samplers.R bamlss/R/survival.R bamlss/R/vis.R
bamlss/man/Austria.Rd bamlss/man/BayesX.Rd bamlss/man/DIC.Rd bamlss/man/GAMart.Rd bamlss/man/GMCMC.Rd bamlss/man/JAGS.Rd bamlss/man/LondonFire.Rd bamlss/man/MVNORM.Rd bamlss/man/Surv2.Rd bamlss/man/Volcano.Rd bamlss/man/bamlss-package.Rd bamlss/man/bamlss.Rd bamlss/man/bamlss.engine.helpers.Rd bamlss/man/bamlss.engine.setup.Rd bamlss/man/bamlss.formula.Rd bamlss/man/bamlss.frame.Rd bamlss/man/bfit.Rd bamlss/man/boost.Rd bamlss/man/c95.Rd bamlss/man/coef.bamlss.Rd bamlss/man/colorlegend.Rd bamlss/man/continue.Rd bamlss/man/cox.mcmc.Rd bamlss/man/cox.mode.Rd bamlss/man/cox.predict.Rd bamlss/man/family.bamlss.Rd bamlss/man/fitted.bamlss.Rd bamlss/man/gF.Rd bamlss/man/homstart_data.Rd bamlss/man/jm_bamlss.Rd bamlss/man/lasso.Rd bamlss/man/model.frame.bamlss.Rd bamlss/man/model.matrix.bamlss.frame.Rd bamlss/man/neighbormatrix.Rd bamlss/man/parameters.Rd bamlss/man/plot.bamlss.Rd bamlss/man/plot2d.Rd bamlss/man/plot3d.Rd bamlss/man/plotblock.Rd bamlss/man/plotmap.Rd bamlss/man/predict.bamlss.Rd bamlss/man/randomize.Rd bamlss/man/residuals.bamlss.Rd bamlss/man/results.bamlss.default.Rd bamlss/man/rmf.Rd bamlss/man/s2.Rd bamlss/man/samples.Rd bamlss/man/samplestats.Rd bamlss/man/scale2.Rd bamlss/man/simJM.Rd bamlss/man/simSurv.Rd bamlss/man/sliceplot.Rd bamlss/man/smooth.construct.Rd bamlss/man/summary.bamlss.Rd bamlss/man/surv.transform.Rd bamlss/man/terms.bamlss.Rd

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