biganalytics: A library of utilities for big.matrix objects of package bigmemory.

This package extends the bigmemory package with various analytics. Functions bigkmeans and binit may also be used with native R objects. For tapply-like functions, the bigtabulate package may also be helpful. For linear algebra support, see bigalgebra. For mutex (locking) support for advanced shared-memory usage, see synchronicity.

AuthorJohn W. Emerson <> and Michael J. Kane <>
Date of publication2014-09-08 14:46:33
MaintainerMichael J. Kane <>
LicenseLGPL-3 | Apache License 2.0

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apply,big.matrix-method Man page
apply-method Man page
biganalytics Man page
biganalytics-package Man page
bigglm.big.matrix Man page
bigkmeans Man page
biglm.big.matrix Man page
binit Man page
colmax Man page
colmax,big.matrix-method Man page
colmean Man page
colmean,big.matrix-method Man page
colmin Man page
colmin,big.matrix-method Man page
colna Man page
colna,big.matrix-method Man page
colprod Man page
colprod,big.matrix-method Man page
colrange Man page
colrange,big.matrix-method Man page
colsd Man page
colsd,big.matrix-method Man page
colsum Man page
colsum,big.matrix-method Man page
colvar Man page
colvar,big.matrix-method Man page
max Man page
max,big.matrix-method Man page
mean Man page
mean,big.matrix-method Man page
min Man page
min,big.matrix-method Man page
prod Man page
prod,big.matrix-method Man page
range Man page
range,big.matrix-method Man page
sum Man page
sum,big.matrix-method Man page
summary Man page
summary,big.matrix-method Man page

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