Man pages for cardidates
Identification of Cardinal Dates in Ecological Time Series

cardidates-packageIdentify cardinal dates in ecological time series
carditestArtificial Data Set: 3 Years of Phytoplankton
CDWCardinal Dates Using Fitted Weibull Curves
fitweibullFit Four or Six Parametric Weibull Functions
merge.cardiMetacdwMerge Two Objects of Class 'cardiMetacdw'
metaCDWExtract Cardinal Dates of Multiple Time Series at Once Using...
peakwindowIdentify Peaks in Time Series
plot.cardiFitPlot Method for cardiFit Objects
plot.cardiMetacdwPlot Method for cardiPeakwindow Objects
plot.cardiPeakwindowPlot Method for cardiPeakwindow Objects
summary.cardiFitSummary Method for cardiFit Objects
weibull4Four-Parametric Weibull Function
weibull6Six-Parametric Weibull Function
weibull7Six-Parametric Weibull Function with Additive Shift
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