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Formal Psychological Models of Categorization and Learning

act2probratConvert output activation to a rating of outcome probability
catlearn-packageFormal Modeling for Psychology.
homa76Category breadth CIRP
nosof88Instantiation frequency CIRP
nosof88exalcoveSimulation of CIRP nosof88 with ex-ALCOVE model
nosof88exalcove_optParameter optimization of ex-ALCOVE model with nosof88 CIRP
nosof88oatOrdinal adequacy test for simulations of nosof88 CIRP
nosof88protoalcoveSimulation of CIRP nosof88 with proto-ALCOVE model
nosof88protoalcove_optParameter optimization of proto-ALCOVE model with nosof88...
nosof88trainInput representation of nosof88 for models input-compatible...
nosof94Type I-VI category structure CIRP
nosof94bnalcoveSimulation of CIRP nosof94 with BN-ALCOVE model
nosof94exalcoveSimulation of CIRP nosof94 with ex-ALCOVE model
nosof94exalcove_optParameter optimization of ex-ALCOVE model with nosof94 CIRP
nosof94oatOrdinal adequacy test for simulations of nosof94 CIRP
nosof94plotPlot Nosofsky et al. (1994) data / simulations
nosof94trainInput representation of nosof94 for models input-compatible...
shin92Category size CIRP
shin92exalcoveSimulation of CIRP shin92 with ex-ALCOVE model
shin92exalcove_optParameter optimization of ex-ALCOVE model with shin92 CIRP
shin92oatOrdinal adequacy test for simulations of shin92 CIRP
shin92protoalcoveSimulation of CIRP shin92 with proto-ALCOVE model
shin92protoalcove_optParameter optimization of proto-ALCOVE model with shin92 CIRP
shin92trainInput representation of shin92 for models input-compatible...
slpALCOVEALCOVE category learning model
slpBMBush & Mosteller (1951) simple associative learning model
slpCOVISCOVIS category learning model
slpDIVADIVA category learning model
slpMBMFMB/MF reinforcement learning model
slpRWRescorla-Wagner (1972) associative learning model.
sseclSum of squared errors
stsimGCMGeneralized Context Model
thegridOrdinal adequacy results for all catlearn simulations
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