Man pages for ccgarch2
Conditional Correlation GARCH Models

ccgarch2-packageccgarch2: a package for simulation and estimation of...
estimateCCCEstimating CCC-GARCH model
estimateCDCCEstimating corrected DCC-GARCH model
estimateDCCEstimating DCC-GARCH model
jb_testThe Lomnicki-Jarque-Bera Test of normality (JB test)
lb_testThe Ljung-Box Test for Autocorrelations (LB test)
plotPlotting method for a '"ccc"', '"dcc"' or '"cdcc"' class...
residDiagResidual diagnostics
simulateCCCSimulating data from a CCC-GARCH process
simulateCDCCSimulating data from corrected DCC-GARCH process
simulateDCCSimulating data from a DCC-GARCH process
summary.cccSummarizing CCC-GARCH estimation
summary.cdccSummarizing corrected DCC-GARCH estimation
summary.dccSummarizing DCC-GARCH estimation
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