Man pages for circtree
Regression Trees and Forests for Circular Responses

circforestDistributional Regression Forests for a Circular Response
circmaxCircular Regression with Maximum Likelihood Estimation
circmax_simulateSimulated Data Set for 'circmax'
circtreeDistributional Regression Tree for a Circular Response
circtree_simulateSimulated Data Set for 'circtree'
coef.circmaxMethods for CIRCMAX Objects
crps_vonmisesCircular CRPS
dist_vonmisesVon Mises Family 'Dist-List' for 'disttree'.
dvonmisesVon Mises Density
plot.circtreePlotting a Regression Tree with a Circular Response (under...
predict.circmaxPredicted/Fitted Values for CIRCMAX Fits
vonmises_bamlssVon Mises Family for 'bamlss'.
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