Man pages for cops
Cluster Optimized Proximity Scaling

BankingCrisesDistancesBanking Crises Distances
cmdscaleWrapper to 'cmdscale' for S3 class
conf_adjustconf_adjust: a function to procrustes adjust two matrices
cop_cmdscalePCOPS version of strain
cop_elasticPCOPS versions of elastic scaling models (via smacofSym)
cop_powerelasticPCOPS version of elastic scaling with powers
cop_powermdsPCOPS version of powermds
cop_powersammonPCOPS version of sammon with powers
cop_powerstressCOPS version of powerstress
cop_rstressPCOPS version of rstress
copscops: cluster optimized proximity scaling
cop_sammonPCOPS version of sammon mapping
cop_sammon2COPS versions of Sammon mapping models (via smacofSym)
cop_smacofSpherePCOPS versions of smacofSphere models
cop_smacofSymPCOPS versions of smacofSym models
cop_sstressPCOPS version of sstress
copstressCalculates copstress for given MDS object
copstressMinFitting a COPS-C Model (COPS Variant 1).
doubleCenterdouble centering
enormExplicit Norm
ljoptim(Adaptive) Version of Luus-Jaakola Optimization
mkPowerMakePower Old
pcopsProfile COPS Function (aka COPS Variant 2)
pdistSquared distances
plot3d.cmdscale3D plots: plot3d method for class cmdscale
plot3dstaticplot3dstatic: static 3D plots
plot3dstatic.cmdscale3D plots: plot3dstatic method for class cmdscale
plot.copsS3 plot method for cops objects
plot.pcopsS3 plot method for cops objects
plot.smacofPS3 plot method for smacofP objects
powerStressFastPower stress minimization by NEWUOA
powerStressMinPower Stress SMACOF
procrusterprocruster: a procrustes function
sammonWrapper to 'sammon' for S3 class
secularEqSecular Equation
sqdistSquared distances
torgersonTorgerson scaling
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