BNCInChargeOf: Collocations of the phrase "in charge of" (BNC)

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This data set lists collocations (in the sense of Sinclair 1991) of the phrase in charge of found in the British National Corpus, World Edition (BNC). A span size of 3 and a frequency threshold of 5 were used, i.e. all words that occur at least five times within a distance of three tokens from the key phrase in charge of are listed as collocates. Note that collocations were not allowed to cross sentence boundaries.

See Aston & Burnard (1998) for more information about the BNC, or go to




A data frame with 250 rows and the following columns:


a collocate of the key phrase in charge of (word form)

occurrences of the collocate within a distance of 3 tokens from the key phrase, i.e. inside the span

total number of tokens inside the span


occurrences of the collocate outside the span


total number of tokens outside the span


Punctuation, numbers and any words containing non-alphabetic characters (except for -) were not considered as potential collocates. Likewise, the number of tokens inside / outside the span given in the columns and N.out only includes simple alphabetic word forms.


Stefan Evert <>


Aston, Guy and Burnard, Lou (1998). The BNC Handbook. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh. See also the BNC homepage at

Sinclair, John (1991). Corpus, Concordance, Collocation. Oxford University Press, Oxford.

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