Man pages for data.table
Extension of data.frame

addressAddress in RAM of a variable Test Between Two Data Tables
assignAssignment by reference
betweenConvenience function for range subset logic.
chmatchFaster match of character vectors
data.tableEnhanced data.frame
data.table-classS4 Definition for data.table dcast for data.table
duplicatedDetermine Duplicate Rows
freadFast and friendly file finagler
IDateTimeInteger based date class
JCreates a Join data table
lastLast item of an object
likeConvenience function for calling regexpr. melt for data.table
mergeMerge Two Data Tables
rbindlistMakes one data.table from a list of many
setattrSet attributes to objects by reference
setDFConvert a data.table to data.frame by reference
setDTConvert lists and data.frames to data.table by reference
setkeyCreate key on a data table
setNumericRoundingChange or turn off numeric rounding
setorderFast reordering of a data.table by reference data.tables
tablesDisplay all objects of class 'data.table' a set of tests.
timetakenPretty print of time taken table utilities
truelengthOver-allocation access
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