Man pages for delftfews
delftfews R extensions

as.secondsreturns the amount of seconds in the object
contiguous.stretchfinds the adjacent locations equal to given one
cumulateaugments a time series with net and gross sums of one data...
delftfews-packagealfa version of delftfews
double.thresholdwhich threshold was hit last (or how many of them).
findLocalExtremeswhether a value in a sequence is a local extreme
get.stepreturns the timestep in the object
na.fillhandle missing values in objects
read.BfGread BfG file as data.frame
read.dcf.parsedread configuration files as (list of) data frames.
read.PIread PI file as data.frame
rollingSumapply aggregating functions to contiguous stretches of data
select.percentilesselects percentile columns from a timeseries set
setup.fewsdiagnosticsfunctions for the Lizard-FEWS diagnostics file
shift.vectorshift values in a vector
stretchesfinds first non-zero stretch of elements
timeseriesextra zoo creator boolean vector that indicates whether the timestamps...
write.PIwrite parts of a timeseriesset into PI format
xmldoccreates an 'XmlDoc' object represenging an xml file.
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