dfdb: Access Data Tables in a SQLite Data Base as Pseudo-Dataframes

This package contains functions that allow the user to treat data tables in a SQLite-accessible data base as if they were data frames, including the ability to access subsets of the rows and columns of the table; row "subscripts" can be specified as SQL queries.

AuthorOswaldo Cruz and John Fox
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerJohn Fox <jfox@mcmaster.ca>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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as.data.frame.SQLiteDataset Man page
as.list.SQLiteDataset Man page
as.matrix.SQLiteDataset Man page
close.SQLiteDataset Man page
col.classes Man page
col.classes.SQLiteDataset Man page
col.names Man page
col.names.SQLiteDataset Man page
connection Man page
connection.SQLiteDataset Man page
database Man page
database.SQLiteDataset Man page
dimnames.SQLiteDataset Man page
dim.SQLiteDataset Man page
names.SQLiteDataset Man page
print.SQLiteDataset Man page
read.db Man page
row.name Man page
row.name.SQLiteDataset Man page
row.names.SQLiteDataset Man page
SQLiteDataset Man page
[.SQLiteDataset Man page
[[.SQLiteDataset Man page
$.SQLiteDataset Man page
summary.SQLiteDataset Man page
table.name Man page
table.name.SQLiteDataset Man page
within.SQLiteDataset Man page
with.SQLiteDataset Man page

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