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Process data points using the Positioning Method and draw the resulting direct labels. This is called for every panel with direct labels, every time the plot window is resized.


## S3 method for class 'dlgrob'
drawDetails(x, recording)



The dlgrob list object. x$method should be a Positioning Method list and x$data should be a data.frame with the following variables:


numeric horizontal and vertical positions of direct labels, in native units. These are converted to cm units before applying the Positioning Method.


factor that indices the different groups, and colour indicates the corresponding group colour.

hjust and vjust

(optional) numeric values usually in [0,1] that control the justification of the text label relative to the x,y position.


(optional) numeric value in [0,360] that specifies the degrees which the text should be rotated.

cex, alpha, fontface, fontfamily

(optional) passed to gpar.

Additionally, x$debug should be set to TRUE or FALSE, and x$axestonative should be a function that converts units shown on the axes to native units of x$data[,c("x","y")].



Toby Dylan Hocking

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