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Prepares all necessary directories and files for the building of an R package named pkg from files made by the user and placed in the perdir directory. The built arborescence will placed into the preexisting pkgdir directory.
When an error occurs, it is not always very simple to know the origin of it. To get some clues, the user is suggested to switch the display options on within the pkg.which.txt file and putting the check argument to TRUE.





Name of the package, associated files like pkg.DESCRIPTION must exist into perdir directory.


Directory where the prepared files have to be found.


Directory where the building of the package has to be prepared. It is supposed to have already been created, at least empty. The result of the preparation of the package will be placed within it with a directory having the package name. In case, it is not empty, it is first completely cleaned of its contents.


numeric(1). Must additional information be included in the pkg.package.Rd file? When 0 no; when 1 just the name of documair; when 2 plus the list of the masked functions.


Must the programmed debbuging displays be performed?


Must checking be done by the user after each debugging display? Checking means that the program rrrpause after each display awaiting for an answer from the user to continue or stop.


The behaviour of prepare8pkg with respect to files and objects coded in them, is also driven by a possible pkg.which.txt file where can be indicated which objects are exported or hidden, which files contains a series of aliased objects, which files and/or objects must be displayed. See the general description of the package for details.
When no such file is present, the default behavior is that all object are exported, no series of objects are aliased, the displaying is just listing the explored files and the objects they contain. Notice that the default displaying as well as the which file display options can be cancelled with the argument display.


Nothing but the preparation is made (see the description section) with possible displays to and checks from the user.


Introduce more sections and improve the existing ones.

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