Man pages for eatPrep
Prepare Data for IRT Analyses

aggregateDataAggregate Datasets With Several Kinds of Missing Values
asNumericIfPossibleConvert Columns of a Data Frame Into Numeric Values if...
automateDataPreparationAutomate Data Preparation using Functions from Package...
cat.pbcCalculate Item Discrimination for Each Category of...
checkDataCheck Datasets for Missing Values and Invalid Codes
checkDesignCheck Datasets for Deviations From Test Design
collapseMissingsRecode Character Missings of Different Types to 0 or 'NA'
inputDatList of Three Datasets from Educational Assessment
inputListData Frames with Code, Subunit and Unit Information for...
mergeDataMerge Data Frames, Check For Inconsistencies, and Replace NA...
mnrCodingRecode Missing by Intention to Missing not Reached
readDaemonXlsxRead xlsx-Files Produced by ZKDaemon
readSpssRead SPSS Data Files and Truncate Space in String Variables...
recodeDataRecode Datasets with Several Kinds of Missing Values
scoreDataScore Datasets with Several Kinds of Missing Values
set.col.typeSet the Class of Columns in a Data Frame
writeSpssExport Datasets to SPSS
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