eatTools: eatTools

A collection of tools for the eat packages

AuthorNicole Haag, Karoline Sachse, Sebastian Weirich, Martin Hecht and Thilo Siegle
Date of publication2015-09-08 15:34:03
Maintainereat authors <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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asNumericIfPossible Man page
collapseMissings Man page
commonItems Man page
commonItems.percent Man page
crop Man page
dapply Man page Man page
make.dummies Man page
modus Man page
multiseq Man page
reading_writing Man page
reinsort.col Man page
rmNA Man page
rmNAcols Man page
rmNArows Man page
science1 Man page
science1.context.vars Man page
science1.item.characteristics Man page
science1.items Man page
science1.scales Man page
science1.testlets Man page
set.col.type Man page
shade.between.lines Man page

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