elsa: Entropy-based Local indicator of Spatial Association

A framework that provides the methods for quantifying entropy-based local indicator of spatial association (ELSA) that can be used for both continuous and categorical data. This package offers other methods to measure local indicators of spatial associations (LISA). Furthermore, global spatial structure can be measured using a variogram-like diagram, called entrogram.

AuthorBabak Naimi
Date of publication2016-08-16 04:29:59
MaintainerBabak Naimi <naimi.b@gmail.com>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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categorize Man page
categorize,numeric-method Man page
categorize,RasterLayer-method Man page
correlogram Man page
Correlogram-class Man page
correlogram,RasterLayer-method Man page
correlogram,Spatial-method Man page
data.frameORmatrix-class Man page
dif2list Man page
dif2list,data.frameORmatrix,ANY-method Man page
dif2list,data.frameORmatrix-method Man page
dneigh Man page
dneigh,data.frameORmatrix-method Man page
dneigh,SpatialPoints-method Man page
dneigh,SpatialPolygons-method Man page
elsa Man page
elsa,RasterLayer-method Man page
elsa,SpatialPointsDataFrame-method Man page
elsa,SpatialPolygonsDataFrame-method Man page
elsa.test Man page
elsa.test,RasterLayer-method Man page
elsa.test,Spatial-method Man page
entrogram Man page
Entrogram-class Man page
entrogram,RasterLayer-method Man page
entrogram,SpatialPointsDataFrame-method Man page
entrogram,SpatialPolygonsDataFrame-method Man page
geary Man page
geary,RasterLayer-method Man page
geary,Spatial-method Man page
lisa Man page
lisa,RasterLayer-method Man page
lisa,Spatial-method Man page
matrixORnull-class Man page
moran Man page
moran,RasterLayer-method Man page
moran,Spatial-method Man page
nclass Man page
nclass,numeric-method Man page
nclass,RasterLayer-method Man page
neighbours-class Man page
Variogram Man page
Variogram-class Man page
Variogram,RasterLayer-method Man page
Variogram,Spatial-method Man page

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