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Provider Listing of Symbols and Descriptions


CSV files with provider listings of symbols, descriptions ands related information.

The listings include those from:

amexListing Listing from the American Stock Exchange
h15Listing Listing from the FED H15 Report
nasdaqListing Listing from the NASDAQ Stock Market
nyseListing Listing from the New York Stock Exchange
oandaListing Listing of OANDAs Foreign Exchange Rates
stoxxListing Listing of STOXX Indices
swxListing Listing from the Swiss Stock Exchange


All files are given in CSV Excel spreadsheet format. The delimiter is a semicolon.


Diethelm Wuertz, Yohan Chalabi, and Andrew Ellis, (2010); Financial Market Data for R/Rmetrics, Rmetrics eBook, Rmetrics Association and Finance Online, Zurich,


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