Man pages for fingerprint
Functions to operate on binary fingerprint data

bitspecGenerate a Bit Spectrum from a List of Fingerprints
distanceCalculates the Similarity or Dissimilarity Between Two...
facmatConverts a List of Fingerprints to a data.frame of Factors
fingerprintClass "fingerpint"
foldFold a fingerprint
fplogicalLogical Operators for Fingerprints
lengthFingerprint Bit Length
linefuncFunctions to parse lines from fingerprint files
matConverts a List of Fingerprints to a Matrix
readFunctions to Read Fingerprints From Files
rndfpGenerate Randomized Fingerprints
showString Representation of a Fingerprint
simCalculates a Similarity Matrix for a Set of Fingerprints
stringGenerates a String Representation of a Fingerprint
vecEuclidean Representation of Binary Fingerprints
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