forestFloor: Visualizes Random Forests with Feature Contributions

Enables users to form appropriate visualizations of high dimensional mapping curvatures of random forests.

AuthorSoeren Havelund Welling
Date of publication2015-07-30 14:12:18
MaintainerSoeren Havelund Welling <SOWE@DTU.DK>

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append.overwrite.alists Man page
as.numeric.factor Man page
box.outliers Man page
convolute_ff Man page
convolute_ff2 Man page
convolute_grid Man page
fcol Man page
forestFloor Man page
forestFloorPackage Man page
forestFloor_randomForest_classification Man page
forestFloor_randomForest_regression Man page
ggPlotForestFloor Man page
ggplotGrob Man page
plot.forestFloor Man page
plot.forestFloor_multiClass Man page
plot.forestFloor_regression Man page
plot_simplex3 Man page
print.forestFloor Man page
print.forestFloor_classification Man page
print.forestFloor_multiClass Man page
print.forestFloor_regression Man page
recTree Man page
show3d Man page
show3d.forestFloor_multiClass Man page
show3d.forestFloor_regression Man page
vec.plot Man page

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