gWidgets-helpers: Helper functions in gWidgetsWWW

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These functions are simple convenience functions.


The function escapeHTML converts HTML, such as $<$ into a corresponding entity. The reverse is done unescapeURL, so named as such encoding is typically done in URLs.

The function asURL simply adds the class URL to a character. This allows gWidgetsWWW to identify local URLs that are not prefaced with http://.

The function String creates an object of class String. This class treats a character string as a vector of letters. (That is, "abc" is c("a","b","c").) The method c can be used to combine strings. The more natural (in some way, but not every way) + method can also be used to join strings. This is the primary convenience of this class. Otherwise, the [ method is useful for string extraction. The length method is an alternative to nchar.

The need for temporary files that can be accessed through a URL gives rise to the functions getStaticTmpFile, which creates a temporary file, and convertStaticFileToUrl which returns the URL from the name of the static temporary file.

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