GContainer-class: Base reference class for container objects.

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Container objects are those that hold other components and may be passed to constructors through their container argument. All objects keep a reference to their parent container, containers also keep references to their child components. See the children array, which is used for this.


The main method for containers is the add method, though this is rarely called, as the underlying method is used in a widget's constructor when a parent container is specified through the standard container argument.

When an object is added one may need to recompute the layout. The do_layout method will inittiate this. To have this done each time a child is added set the argument auto_layout to TRUE.


add_dots(child, expand = FALSE, fill = FALSE, anchor = NULL, ...)

Function to do process expand, fill, anchor arguments when adding a child


Update parent property of child and children property of parent container

delete(child, ...)

Remove child from container


Call layout method of container to recompute

initialize(container = NULL, parent = NULL, ...)

Initialize widget. @param toplevel required or found

set_child_fill(child, fill, horizontal = TRUE)

Fill can be NULL, TRUE, FALSE, ”, 'both', 'x', 'y'...


Disable/enable component


Update method for containers refreshes the layout

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