gstatusbar: Status bar for gwindow instances

Description Usage Arguments Value Examples


Status for main window. Use gwindow instance for parent container. The svalue<- method can be used to change the value.


gstatusbar(text = "", container = NULL, ..., ext.args = NULL)



text for label


A parent container. In gWidgetsWWW2 a parent container is not optional (though it can be substituted with the parent argument in some circumstances). The parent specifies the widget heirarchy and the ... argument is used to pass along arguments to layout the child component in the parent container. Typically, these are passed to the add method of the parent container.


Used to pass along argument to the parent container's add method and possible other arguments to the underlying ference class constructors.


The contructors of gWidgetsWWW2 ultimately call an Ext constructor. The options passed to the Ext constructor may be added to or overridden by use of this argument. Values are passed in as named list components and with values converted into JavaScript objects by asJSObject.


an ExtWidget instance


w <- gwindow()
sb <- gstatusbar("Powered by gWidgetsWWW and Rook")

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