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Draw and Annotate Maps, Especially Charts of the North Atlantic

adaptAdapts geographical positions
adjust.grdAdjusts grid for plot in Lambert projection.
apply.shrinkApply a function to a vector for a combination of categories.
apply.shrink.dataframeApply functions to columns in a dataframe
arcdistGeographical distance computations
ArrowAdd arrow to plot.
bisland~~ data name/kind ... ~~
buaMakes a list used in 'pointkriging'
bwpsOpen a postscript device with the color scheme given by... a circle around a point
Closed.curveClosed smooth curve through positions
colpsOpen a postscript device with the color scheme given by...
colsymbolPlot colored symbols
combine.rtAggregate data on square grid, pad with zeros. Faster than...
COUNTRY.DEFAULT~~ data name/kind ... ~~
currentarrowsPlot arrows and segments showing the size and direction of...
cut_box.1Cut box ?
cut_box.2Cut box type 2???
cut_multipolyIntersect or take complement (?) of polygons
d2irConvert between Geographic Coordinates and ICES Rectangles
deg2rectGiven position return rectangle code.
depthloc~~ data name/kind ... ~~
ElimcompParameters manipulation ?
extractExtract a grid (?)
eyjarIcelandic islands
faeroes~~ data name/kind ... ~~
fill.matrixRelace elements of a matrix
fill.outside.borderFills space outside the border of a plot.
fill.pointsFill points (thicken)
findcutFind intersection or complement
find.hnitFind coordinate(s) ??
findlineFinds a line (?)
fitspher.aut.1Fits a super-smoother to a variogram (?)
frame2gpxConvert latlon data frame to gpx file.
gbdypi~~ data name/kind ... ~~
gbdypi.100~~ data name/kind ... ~~
gbdypi.1000~~ data name/kind ... ~~
gbdypi.200~~ data name/kind ... ~~
gbdypi.400~~ data name/kind ... ~~
gbdypi.500~~ data name/kind ... ~~
gbdypi.800~~ data name/kind ... ~~
gbdypif.200~~ data name/kind ... ~~
gbdypif.400~~ data name/kind ... ~~
gbdypif.500~~ data name/kind ... ~~
gbplotGEBCO plot. Plots equidepth lines.
geoareaCalculates the area of a given region.
geoarea.oldOld method for calculating geographical area
geoaxisSetup axes for a geoplot
geochullConvex hull of a set of positions
geocontourPlots contour lines.
geocontour.fillgeocontour.fill plots colored or black and white contours on...
geoconvertConvert latitude and longitude
geoconvert.1Convert to decimal degrees
geoconvert.2Convert from decimal degrees
geocurveSmooth curves and put arrows in the beginning and end.
geodefineDefines regions.
geodezoomRestores a zoomed plot.
geoexpandexpands a grid to a dataframe.
geogridPlots a grid.
geoidentifyIdentifies points on plots using lat and lon coordinates.
geoinsideFinds a subset of a given set of data which is inside a given...
geointersectFind intersection of 2 polygons
geolegendPut a legend on a plot in the geo series.
geolinesAdd lines to current plot initialized by geoplot.
geolines.with.arrowsAdd arrowhead to plot
geolocatorLocates points on a plot initialized by geoplot.
geo-packageWhat the package does (short line) ~~ package title ~~
geoparParameters for the geo plot functions.
geopar.std~~ data name/kind ... ~~
geoplotPlots lat and lon coordinates using Mercator or Lambert...
geoplotbwpaletteBlack and white palette
geoplotpaletteSet define a traditional geoplot-palette
geopointsAdds points on plots initialized by geoplot.
geopolygonFill an area.
geo.Split.polySplit a polygon into a list
geoSRPlot Squares in Different Colors
geosubplotAdds a plot to an existing plot initialized by geoplot.
geosymbolsPlot different kinds of symbols at the data points.
geotextPlots text on a drawing defined by geoplot.
geotowsPlot tows as line segments
geoworldPlots rough outline of the world.
geozoomZoom into plots.
gepco500~~ data name/kind ... ~~
giveborderDefine regions intteractively
glaciers~~ data name/kind ... ~~
greenland~~ data name/kind ... ~~
gridaxesSet up axes for a geoplot
gridaxes.LambertSet up axes for a Lambert projected geoplot
gridpointsProduce gridpoints over an area
icelandrivers~~ data name/kind ... ~~
icesICES Areas
initInitiate a geoplot (??)
insideFinds a subset of data inside (or outside) a region
inside.reg.bcDetermine which bormicon (or gadget) region data belong to.
inside.reg.bc1Determine which bormicon (or gadget) region data belong to.
inside.reg.lumpInside region in lumpsucker fishery
intra.point.distIntra point/position distance
invlambertInverse Lambert projection
invmercInverse Mercator Projection
invProjPerforms the inverse Mercator or Lambert projection of data.
island~~ data name/kind ... ~~
labels1Label plots
labels2Label plots
labels_lineLabels line ?
labels_sizeLabel symbols of given size
lambertLambert projection
last.warning~~ data name/kind ... ~~
litirDisplay palette in effect
locdistDistance between two locations
mercatorMercator projection
nonsetpar~~ data name/kind ... ~~
Open.curveOpen smooth curve through positions
orthprojPerforms an orthogonal projection to a curve.
paint.windowPaint window for label?
paint.window.xPaint window for label ?
pdistSpherical (?) distance
pdistxEuclidian distance
plot_nogridGrid control ?
plot_reitnrPlots rectangle codes
pltgridPlots grid lines
plvarPlots a variogram estimated by variofit.
pointkriginginterpolates regularly spaced data on a grid.
postcol~~ data name/kind ... ~~
pre2sRead prelude files
prepare.linePrepare a line ?
ProjPerforms Mercator or Lambert projection of data.
psPeriodic spline
rect2degGiven rectangle code return its center position.
rectAreaGiven rectangle code return area in square kilometers or...
rectGridProduce a grid of rectangles on a plot, filled with colors if...
rectPeriGiven rectangle code return perimeter as a polygon in lat lon
reg.bcBormicon regions
reg.lumpLumpfish regions
reitaplottFunction that fills rectangles or sub-rectangles according to...
Reitur2Svaedi1to10Allocate statistical rectangles and subrectangles to...
RlitirDisplay colors.
s2preWrites out data.frame or matrix to a prelude-file.
SegmentWithArrowPlot line segment with arrow at the end.
selectedparParameters manipulation ?
selposGeographical point selection.
Set.grd.and.zManipulate grid and z-values for contouring.
setgridProduce a grid over an area
shadeborderShade border ?
shading1Shading of geoplots?
skipta.textaTranslate characters in column names
SMB.std.backgroundStandard background for the SMB.
subplotAdd subplot
twohmiles~~ data name/kind ... ~~
variofitFunction that fits a model to a variogram.
variogramCalculates the distance between each pair of datapoints.
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