hgam-package: Fitting high-dimensional generalized additive models

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hgam is used to fit high-dimensional generalized additive models.


Package: hgam
Type: Package
Version: 0.1-0
Date: 2010-02-09
License: GPL-2

The package implements high-dimensional additive models as introduced by Meier et al. (2009).


The students of the ‘Advanced R Programming Course’ (winter term 2009/2010) at LMU Muenchen: Hannah Frick, Ivan Kondofersky, Oliver S. Kuehnle, Christian Lindenlaub, Georg Pfundstein, Matthias Speidel, Martin Spindler, Ariane Straub, Florian Wickler, Katharina Zink
under the supervision of Manuel Eugster <[email protected]> (package maintainer) and Torsten Hothorn.


Meier, L., van de Geer, S. and Buehlmann, P. (2009). High-dimensional additive modeling. Annals of Statistics 37, 3779–3821.

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