ibmpm-package: Individual-based metapopulation simulation including genetics

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This package provides an individual-based metapopulation model, including genetic dynamics.


The package 'ibmpm' includes a main function 'metapop', which implements a simulation model of the metapopulation dynamics. The model is individual-based, and each individuals carry a suite of neutral genes. Genes are diploid and are represented as integer numbers. Individuals reproduce sexually, offspring inherits each allele randomly from one of the parents.

Each time step is a sequence of following events: male dispersal, female dispersal, mating, reproduction. The order and number of these events can be specified. Each mated female produces a number of offspring being a function of maximum number of offspring, carrying capacity. This function (the population growth model) is defined by user. Several population models are provided, including logistic (and its stochastic variations) and truncated exponential growth.

Mutations alter the alleles according to the provided mutation function.

For more details see help page for the function metapop.


Kamil Bartoń

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