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Using the same conventions as for functions, definitions of S4 classes in the form setClass("classname",...) are also located and scanned for inline comments.





DocLink object as created by extract.file.parse. Note that source statements are ignored when scanning for class definitions.


Extraction of S4 class documentation is currently limited to expressions within the source code which have first line starting with setClass("classname". These are located from the source file (allowing also for white space around the setClass and (). Note that "classname" must be a quoted character string; expressions returning such a string are not matched.

For class definitions, the slots (elements of the representation list) fill the role of function arguments, so may be documented by ##<< comments on the same line or ### comments at the beginning of the following line.

If there is no explicit title on the first line of setClass, then one is made up from the class name.

The class definition skeleton includes an Objects from the Class section, to which any ##details<< documentation chunks are written. It is given a vanilla content if there are no specific ##details<< documentation chunks.


Toby Dylan Hocking <[email protected]> [aut, cre], Keith Ponting [aut], Thomas Wutzler [aut], Philippe Grosjean [aut], Markus M<c3><bc>ller [aut], R Core Team [ctb, cph]

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