itertools: Iterator Tools

Various tools for creating iterators, many patterned after functions in the Python itertools module, and others patterned after functions in the 'snow' package.

AuthorSteve Weston, Hadley Wickham
Date of publication2015-11-24 22:40:49
MaintainerSteve Weston <>

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chain Man page
end_iteration Man page
enumerate Man page
hasNext Man page
hasNext.ihasNext Man page
iarray Man page
ibreak Man page
ichunk Man page
ifilter Man page
ifilterfalse Man page
ihasNext Man page
ilimit Man page
ireadBin Man page
ireaddf Man page
irecord Man page
irep Man page
irepeat Man page
ireplay Man page
iRNGStream Man page
iRNGSubStream Man page
is.iterator Man page
isplitCols Man page
isplitIndices Man page
isplitRows Man page
isplitVector Man page
iteration_has_ended Man page
itertools Man page
itertools-package Man page
izip Man page
new_iterator Man page
product Man page
recycle Man page
timeout Man page
writedf.combiner Man page


R/chain.R R/enumerate.R R/hasNext.R R/iRNGStream.R R/iarray.R R/ibreak.R R/ichunk.R R/ifilter.R R/ihasNext.R R/ilimit.R R/imerge.R R/ireadBin.R R/ireaddf.R R/ireaddouble.R R/irecord.R R/irep.R R/irepeat.R R/isplitCols.R R/isplitIndices.R R/isplitRows.R R/isplitVector.R R/iter.connection.R R/izip.R R/product.R R/recycle.R R/timeout.R R/util.R R/writedf.R
inst/examples/blockMM.R inst/examples/iarrayCombine.R inst/examples/iarrayExample.R inst/examples/iarrayExample2.R inst/examples/iarraySum.R inst/examples/ihasNextExample.R inst/examples/ireadBinExample.R inst/examples/ireaddfExample.R inst/examples/isplitIndicesExample.R inst/examples/productExample.R inst/examples/range.R inst/examples/timeoutExample.R
man/chain.Rd man/enumerate.Rd man/hasNext.Rd man/iRNGStream.Rd man/iarray.Rd man/ibreak.Rd man/ichunk.Rd man/ifilter.Rd man/ihasNext.Rd man/ilimit.Rd man/ireadBin.Rd man/ireaddf.Rd man/irecord.Rd man/irep.Rd man/irepeat.Rd man/isplitCols.Rd man/isplitIndices.Rd man/isplitRows.Rd man/isplitVector.Rd man/itertools-package.Rd man/izip.Rd man/product.Rd man/recycle.Rd man/timeout.Rd man/util.Rd man/writedf.Rd
tests/chainTest.R tests/enumerateTest.R tests/ichunkTest.R tests/ifilterTest.R tests/ihasNextTest.R tests/ilimitTest.R tests/ireadBinTest.R tests/irepTest.R tests/irepeatTest.R tests/isplitColsTest.R tests/isplitIndicesTest.R tests/isplitRowsTest.R tests/isplitVectorTest.R tests/izipTest.R tests/productTest.R tests/recycleTest.R tests/timeoutTest.R

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