lava.tobit: LVM with censored and binary outcomes

lava plugin allowing combinations of left and right censored and binary outcomes

AuthorKlaus K. Holst
Date of publication2014-09-15 11:54:02
MaintainerKlaus K. Holst <>

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binary Man page
binary<- Man page
binary<-.lvm Man page
binary.lvm Man page
clprobit Man page
lava.tobit Man page
lava.tobit.color.hook Man page
lava.tobit.estimate.hook Man page
lava.tobit.init.hook Man page
lava.tobit-package Man page
lava.tobit.sim.hook Man page
plotres Man page
rbind.Surv Man page
tobit_gradient.lvm Man page
tobit_hessian.lvm Man page
tobit_logLik.lvm Man page
tobit_method.lvm Man page
tobit_objective.lvm Man page
tobitw_gradient.lvm Man page
tobitw_hessian.lvm Man page
tobitw_method.lvm Man page

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